Before there was time,

before there was language,

there was flow.


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spiritual ego Blog ArticleFlow consciousness
May 14, 2019

Spiritual Ego: The Paradox of Purpose

Until you accept that you do it for YOU and not in service to others.... You are not in service to anything but your ego. And maybe your "spiritual ego".…
Blog ArticleFlow consciousness
May 14, 2019

Soul Expression: The Way to Smash Your Ego

A long, long time ago.... I first saw the the delusion: I am not what I think I am. In the space of non-doing, in a Zen temple I had…
Blog ArticleFeaturedFlow consciousnessNaturepsychedelics and plants
February 27, 2019

Earth Guardians: The Call into an Ancestral Lineage of Eco-conscious Leadership

I had just returned from Peru where I plunged into shamanic journey-work and initiated into a new way of living. It was a wildly expansive experience, and my body felt…

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