Flow Consciousness, Wild Nature & Ancient Wisdom

There is a wild and natural pattern that underpins all life: FLOW.

We help leaders and organisations harmonise with flow of energy to achieve greater impact and higher performance.

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wild wisdom mentoringBlog Article
June 25, 2019

Mythic Murmurings – The Heart of Hearts

by Leon Cossar The human soul is the heart of hearts Her pulsing undulations flow with the original emanating sound that pours through all things as the ongoing, ever-changing, myriad,…
vision questBlog Article
June 25, 2019

Vision Quest: Fasting from the Familiar

On my vision quest a couple of weeks ago, I learned about fasting from the familiar... and feasting on sun & nature. On Quest, we fast not just from food,…
the sun flowstateBlog Article
June 20, 2019

Connecting with the source of all life on Earth: The Sun

The Sun. 🌞 After just a few days fasting in the wilderness on Vision Quest it became clear that you’d have to be a psychopath or have some kind of mental…

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