We Curate Spaces for Consciousness Exploration, Self-initiation & the Remembrance of Who We Are

The Flowstate Collective are mystics, poets, story-tellers and guides of the pathless path.

Our mission is to contribute to the thriving of life by being the flow.

Our work honours ancient wisdom and brings it to modern life through art, mentoring programs and wilderness quests to help individuals remember who they are.

What is flow?

In the 1970s the psychologist Mihály Csíkszentmihályi led research that proved peak performance emerges from an inner state of focused awareness. He named this the "flow state".

However, flow is nothing new. For thousands of years, philosophers, shamans and mystics in cultures across the world have understood that flow is the fundamental pattern of nature and the universe.

Our work explores and honours ancient flow wisdom as the path to our true selves.

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November 8, 2019

What is True Love?

Love loves to love. It's nothing personal.Mooji Love is pure awareness. The flow of consciousness. It is what you always are but may have forgotten. Some may call it “the…
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October 18, 2019

Climate Crisis or Crisis of Consciousness?

I was in London when the Extinction Rebellion events were on. "What do we want? ……… Climate justice." When do we want it?……  NOW!" A group of teenage girls with…
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July 6, 2019

First Principles: Exploring the Pathless Land of Direct Experience

It was a Zen monastery in Japan in which I first discovered meditation. I had been practising for several months.... sometimes 2 hours a day with youthful enthusiasm and the…

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