Every area of your life must be dialled in to master flow. Nutrition included.

This is the cornerstone of peak physical and mental performance. Without it, your aspirations of achieving optimal flow states will remain futuristic visions. Your nutritional choices will will affect the fabrication of bones, muscles and those all important flowstate hormones such as dopamine, norepinephrine and endorphins.

A flowstate nutritional protocol is what you need. Developing an ever evolving nutritional strategy will help you bring your A game and ensure you have a solid flowstate foundation. This will require an investment of interest and time. You must learn what your body needs and have the ability to remove the flow-inhibiting crap it doesn’t.

6 steps to creating a solid flow state nutritional protocol

“We are the only species smart enough to manufacture our own food, and the only ones stupid enough to eat it….”

– Anonymous

1: Eat real food: 

 Understand that your body has a set of biological requirements/expectations that must be met in order for your body to perform optimally. It requires you to eat whole, natural and unprocessed food. Food as it would be found in nature. This does not include food-like substances such as cereals[1. “The Problems Associated With Starting The Day With …” 2014. 3 Sep. 2015 <http://www.strengthsensei.com/the-problems-associated-with-starting-the-day-with-breakfast-cereals/>], pastries, pasteurised dairy or other processed man-made products. Rule of thumb in your supermarket: Stick to the outside sections where the fresh meat and produce is.

steak flowstate2: Select a high quality protein source as the foundation for each meal:

Protein contains the essential amino acids that make up the building blocks of our physical structure.[2. “Should You Eat More Protein in Your Diet? – Chris Kresser.” 2015. 1 Sep. 2015 <https://chriskresser.com/should-you-eat-more-protein-in-your-diet/>] Flow states demand adequate protein which can be found in Grass-fed animals, free range eggs, wild caught fish, organ meat (eat nose to tail), kangaroo and properly fermented vegan based products.

3: Get some fats into ya:

There is a great misconception out there that eating fat makes you fat….Wrong![3. “The Diet-Heart Myth: Cholesterol and Saturated Fat Are Not …” 2014. 1 Sep. 2015 <http://chriskresser.com/the-diet-heart-myth-cholesterol-and-saturated-fat-are-not-the-enemy/>] We will divulge in much greater detail in later posts but for now just understand that eating a variety of mono, poly and yes saturated fats is an absolute must if you wish to hit that flow state. Get these essential fatty acids from Avocados, nuts, grass fed butter, ghee, coconut milk and MCT oil.

4: Eat Plenty of Veggies and salads:

Your flow state nutritional protocol would not be complete without loading your plate up with plenty of organic green and cruciferous vegetables and big ass salads. These will provide your body with essential vitamins and minerals such as magnesium, potassium and calcium.[4. “Why We Should Eat Leafy Greens | Mark’s Daily Apple.” 2012. 1 Sep. 2015 <http://www.marksdailyapple.com/why-you-should-eat-leafy-greens/>]  You are looking for veggies such as broccoli, brussel sprouts, capsicum, lettuce, cucumber, spinach, tomatoes and Kale.

5: Limit your carbohydrates:

At the molecular level, all carbohydrates are just sugar. The only carbs our ancestors had access to were seasonal fruits, berries, honey, roots and some tubers. They were never a staple of our diet- despite what is commonly believed today. [5. “Fall Foods: Why Seasonal Eating Primes the Body for Fat …” 2012. 1 Sep. 2015 <http://www.marksdailyapple.com/fall-food>]  Unfortunately we now also have breads, pastas, cereals, low fat dairy, soft drinks, fruit juices, condiments, low quality spices and sauces. It doesn’t matter if they are simple, complex, low or high GI. They are essentially just sugar with a multivitamin thrown in. Man-made foods such as bread and pasta have other hidden nasties such as gluten and phytic acid too- but more on that in posts to come! For now, just understand that there is no such thing as a carbohydrate deficiency in the scientific literature.[6. “Taming The Carb Craving Monster – Primal Body Primal Mind.” 2013. 1 Sep. 2015 <http://www.primalbody-primalmind.com/taming-the-carb-craving-monster/>] Limit your carbohydrate to one piece of fruit, white rice or some sweet potato a day. If you’re extremely active, lean and a heavy lifting flow state performance member..throw in an extra banana or two 🙂

6: Enliven your taste buds:

Eating to enhance your flow state does not mean ‘boring and mundane.’ Spice up your meals with as many organic herbs and spices as you can handle: This includes garlic, ginger, basil, himalayan salt, freshly cracked pepper, lemon myrtle, chillies and paprika to name a few. Not only will these epic herbs and spices make each fat burning, flow-creating meal make you start dribbling like a toddler, it will enhance your immune system too! [7. “Ten Immune-Boosting Spices and Herbs – For Dummies.” 2013. 3 Sep. 2015 <http://www.dummies.com/how-to/content/ten-immuneboosting-spices-and-herbs.html>]


So you agree developing a nutritional protocol is pretty important, but you don’t feel you have the time to invest? Let me assure you, it’s worth it! Failing to fuel yourself correctly will cost your flowstate big time no matter how much yoga or Qigong you perform. You will experience mental fog, lethargy, develop less than favourable moods and struggle to stay lean or build muscle. If you think your life is amazing and you hit flow states regularly but your diet resembles that of a casting for “That Sugar Film” let me assure you- it’s about to get a whole lot better with flowstate performance 🙂

Okay sounds awesome, so where do I start? Start today and set yourself a one month challenge.

30 days to completely revamp your flowstate! After one month go back on your old diet consisting of weetbix and milk, deli sandwiches and frozen TV dinners. I bet it will suck balls and you’ll be begging to come back to feel the power our protocol delivers.

Go through your cupboards and fridge and throw out all the crap. That includes biscuits, ice creams, cereals (yes really), 2 minute meals and the other man made garbage. If you don’t have them you can’t be tempted!

Make your progress tangible. record your weight, body fat % and take a photo every morning. Write your thoughts in a diary and watch your flowstates improve day to day.

To really kick your flow into hyperdrive join FlowTribe, the Flowstate membership community. Join for exclusive videos, content and a forum where we and everyone else inside will help knuckle out your ultimate plan 🙂

It’s time to put that flow-inhibiting cheese sanga down and start your flowstate nutritional protocol today!

Running with flow,


Jiro Taylor

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