We are Guides of the Pathless Path

“Flow with whatever is happening and let your mind be free. Stay centered by accepting whatever you are doing. This is the ultimate.” 

―  Chuang Tzu

Who are we?

The Flowstate Collective is a group of cosmic artists, grounded mystics and explorers of the pathless path. 

Leon Cossar & Jiro Taylor are the custodians of Flowstate.

Our work is to be the flow, and invite others into this frequency and way of living.


What exactly do we do?

We spend chunks of time in wild natural places and travel to the far frontiers to find ancient truths.

We then integrate, practice and share what ancient wisdom in modern ways.

Our genius is in guiding others across thresholds and creating magical experiences that lead to remembrance and awakening.

How can you work with us?

Get in touch if any of these treats tickle your fancy:
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Meet the Collective

jiro taylor flowstate

Jiro Taylor

Mystic, Artist & Guide of the Pathless Land

Jiro has blazed a contemporary path to transcending the ego and living from the heart.
In his twenties, he spent 2 years studying Zen Buddhism in Japan and then decided not to be a monk.

Instead he felt the call to taste excess and glory and embarked on a journey through the belly of the corporate beast. As a highly successful headhunter showered with money and kudos, Jiro became strangled by insecurities and hobbled by addictions. In 2008 he broke down with anxiety and stress.

Sacrificing a sky-rocketing career, Jiro made the bold choice to let go of it all.
He spent the next 11 years wandering the Earth, learning from masters and finding the portals to wild wisdom.

He has emerged as a representative of Mother Earth and a leader of our times.

Today, Jiro works with change-makers, technologists, CEOs and entrepreneurs to help manifest an era of eco-consciousness on Earth.

In his archetypal role of Sage Mentor, he guides leaders to lift the veil between worlds to allow the sacred to flow into life and business.

Jiro’s playful embodiment of sacred ceremony and trust helps leaders courageously step into their powers of wild wisdom and authentic Being.

Leon Cossar

Mentor, Wilderness guide, mythologist & story teller

Leon spends huge chunks of time in the wilderness, cultivating a direct connection with the source of life, and the wisdom that flows from nature.

An advocate for wildness and soul, he works with youth as a mentor on father/son Rites of Passage programs and in the field of Outdoor Education facilitating nature-based immersions.

He's passionate about education existing in its truest form, that is to say creating an environment for the true genius (spirit) of the individual to come out so it can be acknowledged, lived into and gifted back to the world.

Leon is in his element, telling a story to the beat of a drum around a roaring fire. He also loves high-lining across gaping chasms and leading adventures into the unknown.

Leon is available for private mentoring & co-leads our "Wild Wisdom" mentoring program. Leon keeps it grounded, and will help you ask the questions your soul yearns to speak to.

The Gardener

Enchantment Enhancement

A crucial member of the Flowstate family is The Gardener. A mythical being, adorned with scars and carrying stories in his bones, The Gardener is an Elder who has earned the title.

This cosmic being radiates love in a gruff, down to earth and no-bullshit kind of way, spins a yarn that'll have you leaning into the fire and will make sounds on the guitar that spins your consciousness into the next dimension.

Taking his wisdom directly from the plants, The Gardener is a humble man who doesn't care for fame or attention.

With him we Quest, and side by side with him we learn from the plants and tune into the higher frequencies of this living universe.

Consider your soul a master manifestor if you weave a path that crosses his.

Shall we dance?