Remember Who You Are

We Support those on the Path of Inner-Awakening

The Flowstate Collective are guides to self-mastery, mystics & explorers of ancient wisdom for modern times.

Founded by Jiro Taylor 2014, we are collectively on a quest to usher humanity to across the threshold we find ourselves at.

We teach a way of mastery that blends ancestral wisdom, spirituality and nature rites with neuroscience, psychology and systems thinking.

We curate transformational experiences and mentoring pathways that help humans and organisations connect with soul, and step into higher levels of service and performance.

Currently we:

  • Help purpose driven tech businesses thrive
  • Guide an intimate group of high performing CEOs/ founders
  • Mentor those on the path to unlocking inner, wild wisdom.
  • Lead Vision Quests & Adventures that shatter old ways of being & invite in the new

Meet the Collective

jiro taylor flowstate

Jiro Taylor

Mystic, Artist & Guide of the Pathless Land

Jiro is an artist, truth-seeking catalyst and a teacher of modern flow. After 7 years in the corporate world, locked within the dark prison of fear, Jiro broke free and imagined a new reality of living in flow with the natural cycles of the universe.

He is now living this dream of service and play, and takes along for the ride a community of global-flow-seekers, CEOs of purpose-driven companies and leaders of organisations that want to lead the shift into the new paradigm of regenerative business.

Jiro loves working privately with founders of purpose driven businesses, leading vision quests and holding mentoring space for deep transformation.

Leon Cossar

Mentor, Wilderness guide, mythologist & story teller

Leon spends huge chunks of time in the wilderness, cultivating a direct connection with the source of life, and the wisdom that flows from nature.

An advocate for wildness and soul, he works with youth as a mentor on father/son Rites of Passage programs and in the field of Outdoor Education facilitating nature-based immersions.

He's passionate about education existing in its truest form, that is to say creating an environment for the true genius (spirit) of the individual to come out so it can be acknowledged, lived into and gifted back to the world.

Leon is in his element, telling a story to the beat of a drum around a roaring fire. He also loves high-lining across gaping chasms and leading adventures into the unknown.

Leon is available for private mentoring & co-leads our ``Wild Wisdom`` mentoring program. Leon keeps it grounded, and will help you ask the questions your soul yearns to speak to.

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