OOur vision is of a world where every business contributes to solving our greatest planetary challenges. To go a step further, we envision a world where the greater the contribution, the greater the success of the business.

Therefore, our mission is to raise consciousness- to shift every founder and company we work with from “ego-system awareness” to “eco-system awareness”, to borrow the words of Otto Scharmer.

Coaching & Consulting

Partnering with CEO’s and their leadership teams, we help set the conditions for a values based culture of collective flow and meaningful collaboration to naturally emerge.

Retreats, Workshops & Offsites

We run workshops and retreats, where we help our clients gain new perspective and achieve breakthroughs.

We introduce wisdom from a diverse range of obvious yet non-traditional sources including neuroscience, peak performance psychology, ecology, philosophy. 

Our clients trust us to take teams on adventure retreats/ offsites in nature, where staff experience challenge, personal growth and connection with each other, while learning practical skills that can be applied in the workplace to achieve greater results.  

Our Ethics

  • Care for people
  • Care for Planet
  • Contribution of our knowledge, skills & energy towards the greater good