Are you into going on adventures with awesome people, where you learn new techniques to live a more fulfilling and powerful life?

Well then, you better carry on reading.

Flowstate Adventures are opportunities to level up, by expanding your consciousness and designing a life of intentional design, while having the adventure of a lifetime.

Our intention is to take people on life-changing adventures where they re-connect with nature, experience deep flow states and come away with knowledge and skills to lead a more purposeful and playful life.

Flowstate Adventure kicked off in December 2015, when we had the most epic time on the Flowstate Adventure to Niseko in Japan. Deep powder and amazing people.

We followed this up with a 3 day “Art of Living in Flow” retreat in Seal Rocks.  And then we dropped the hammer, and put together the ultimate surf adventure in the Maldives.

We are planning our 2017-18 trips now and there is much epic-ness being planned.  Register your interest here.

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Past Flowstate Adventures