CARA BRADLEY flow statesLove flow states? This is a solid “flow-junkie” dialogue. If you like exploring flow deeply, and looking into the scientific, spiritual and experiential angle of flow, you’ll love this conversation with Cara Bradley.

Cara Bradley’s bio:

Cara Bradley is a flow coach and speaker on mind-body intelligence. Her expertise includes integrating movement, breath and mindfulness to stabilize mind and body and optimize wellbeing and performance.

Cara is the host of the weekly podcast series called On The Verge. She is a frequent blogger and contributor to The Huffington Post and Mindful Magazine and was recently named by Mindful as one of their “30 Mindfulness Thought Leaders.”

Cara is the founder of award-winning Verge BodyMind, a yoga and meditation center of 14 years located in suburban Philadelphia and offering 80+ weekly classes.

She is also the co-founder of the non-profit, Mindfulness Through Movement offering year long programs to schools in urban Philadelphia. Cara teaches national and international body-mind retreats and workshops at acclaimed wellness centers such as The Omega Institute and Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health.

The Global Flow states Connection

I met Cara through the global “flow tribe” a small group of people who live and breathe flow. We instantly connected and our first conversation was set against the backdrop of Cara’s father experiencing his last days.

While we spoke about death, really we spoke about life. It was a joy to tune in with a fellow “flow catalyst” to dialogue on the real juice of flow states.

Cara are I are united in understanding the depth of this experiences. The tip of the iceberg is “higher performance”. The iceberg submerged under the surface is everything we want in life: wholeness, meaning, inner peace, fulfilment, clear vision and JOY.

I hope you find joy in our dialogue.

Key Flow state Takeaways

  • Flow is all about achieving presence. When we are present, we are in the rhythm of life. Experiencing rhythm also puts us into flow and presence.
  • The blend of mind-body practices with scientific exploration is the frontier of human potential and helps us live meaningful lives guided by clear vision.



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