I was in London when the Extinction Rebellion events were on.

“What do we want? ……… Climate justice.”

When do we want it?……  NOW!”

A group of teenage girls with a megaphone repeated these words like a mantra.

A mantra that landed nowhere in my body.

“What in the name of baby jesus is ‘climate justice?’ was my first thought.

“Good on em for having a go” was my second.

“From where does their action emerge?” was my third.

The challenge facing us in this era of alarm, doomsday fears and rapidly spreading (mis) information is for us to come from love, in service to nature and earth.

But seeing as we are nature having a go at human-ing, and we are the earth embodied…. the love must start from within us.

And the action in service of the external nature/ earth must be a reflection of that love.

And if it’s not love felt within but instead shame or guilt or a general sense of loathing, loneliness, isolation, existential dread at the horror of humanity…

…then what is it we serve the earth?

The very emotional dregs spawned of egoic delusion that created the situation in the first place.

We are first and foremost experiencing a crisis of consciousness.

The ecological situation (whatever the ecological situation is), is a downstream effect of that.
The situation must be addressed at a consciousness level… otherwise its not real change.

And so much of what is unfolding right now only perpetuates the polarisation and externalisation that anchored in the level of consciousness that set the conditions for the disharmony and dissonance between humans and the more than human world….

…that has been labelled “climate change” or “climate crisis”.


As I listened to the drone of the teenagers with the megaphone demanding some nebulous concept borne from an ideological war…

I asked myself: “Where are the Elders”.

The answer that came back: “They are all around. They are in every community. They are the poets and mystics that very few are ready or willing to listen to.

Because to follow what they say would require plunging into the void of who we are beneath the personhood…

And down there is unknown… and the unknown is scary.

And to descend down there is to submit and surrender and let die all you thought you were…. and this too is scary…

Easier it is, more calming to our own ego’s it is to go to battle against the evil enemy out there….

…to point fingers and demand change…. and to dig the trenches that separate the sides that can not venture into the “no mans land” of deep inner work, dialogue and interconnection…

Easier it is to all this than it is to spend 3 days alone in the wilderness with nothing but ones own sack of sorrows and hopes.. and to plunge into the void of death of identities.


I honour those called to direct action, with the wisdom to channel their kinship with self and the earth through whatever means feels effective and meaningful for them.

I also honour those who just don’t know what to do…

and I honour those who plant seeds of love in the myriad ways possible that honour life and do so much to shift us into flow and harmony.

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