The Sun. 🌞

After just a few days fasting in the wilderness on Vision Quest it became clear that you’d have to be a psychopath or have some kind of mental disorder to not worship, revere, or design one’s life around the sun. 

It is our everything. 

It takes wilful insanity & potent brainwashing for us humans to have disconnected from its power. 

When all distraction from the source of life was stripped away, my nervous system opened up and came into immediate synchrony with the sun and moon… it felt like being plugged into source…. 

Solar warmth seeped through my body like a super conductor for nature healing. 

Rekindling of an ancient fire… then re-calibration with natural cycles… and then remembering of the light that I am. 

Without a roof, walls or artificial light I was asleep an hour after sunset awake an hour or 2 before sunrise. 

Wild instincts reactivated to innately be able to locate myself in time and space between the arc of the sun and arc of the moon. 

As I went increasingly liminal and luminescent in consciousness it felt natural to sing, howl and dance at the sun… for the sun, cos of the sun. 

To open up my body like a flower to receive light in all the shadowed places on my body and inside consciousness

Mornings and late afternoons found my interior landscapes and thought forms gently warmed and caressed. 

As the sun reached its zenith, thought forms became more penetrative and striking…. with less places to hide from truth. 

I learned that its a lifelong practice to revere and harmonise with the sun…and the more skilled one becomes the more one can absorb power and grow. 

We are no so unlike plants. We take light codes into our system and convert them into action. The purer the source, the more pure and powerful the action. 

Cultivating this direct relationship with the sun is in my opinion the most simple and powerful path to living in flow.

To begin, watch sunrise or sunset as a spiritual practice… be naked as much as possible. 

Communicate with the sun as though it is not just a giant ball of hot gas providing the heat that all life on Earth needs…

But is also an avatar of divinity. 🙏🏾❤️🌞

Jiro Taylor

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I'm a mystic, artist and founder of Flowstate. My jam is connecting with the source of life and joining its flow.

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