Executive Coaching & Spiritual Guidance with Jiro Taylor


Rise Up in Life & Leadership

A message to founders, CEOs & entrepreneurs:


All your dreams and visions can become a reality when you master the inner dimensions of growth.

For the outer world to change, your inner world must change. You must grow beyond your current limitations and learn how to create a new reality.

To do so, you must overcome the conditioning, anxiety and fears that keep you feeling insecure, blocked and limited.

Only then can make the impact you truly want to.

Only then can you reclaim the peace of mind, and sense of aliveness that that been drained from your life.

This is the path I guide people like you along: the path to flow, clarity, impact and aliveness.

My gift is that of holding sacred space for this inner journey to your full potential.

I work intimately and privately with a small inner circle of highly intelligent, driven and ambitious founders. 


If you’re a founder feeling blocked from your true potential and confused about how to grow, please connect below to set up a brief call to see if we resonate and to share next steps.


I'm the CEO and co-founder of a 100 person tech business, growing rapidly. Working with Jiro has been the single most important factor in my development as a founder and human.

He has catalyzed incredible progress for me in the realm of spirituality, self awareness, and self acceptance that resulted in leadership and business effectiveness that I hadn't even dreamed of.

Advait ShindeCEO of GoGuardian.com | Forbes 30 under 30

I'm the co-founder of a fast growing tech business in the health and fitness space. The impact Flowstate X & Jiro has had on me is profound and humbling.

I have never been clearer on my purpose. I've never felt happier or more fulfilled. My business is thriving. I am attracting amazing people into my life that are supporting me in living the life I desire.

Cam SpeckCo-Founder & President of Fitplan

Jiro caught me at one of the darkest moments of my entrepreneurial journey. I was scared, knocked down, and facing huge challenges. Jiro helped me pick myself up and completely shift the way that I thought and viewed my situation. I can honestly say that he has been one of the biggest factors for my success today.

Ryan ChanCEO of Upkeep (onupkeep.com)

Jiro is a living embodiment of flow, love and power - so deeply connected to the profound wisdom most of us have long forgotten. He is not only captivating to watch, but it's impossible to leave him and not be transformed in the deepest way.

If I could send everyone I work with to work with Jiro, I would. He holds a role that not many people I've met possess, with access to one of the most profound keys to our individual and collective awakening.

Ilana WetzlerFacilitator & Coach

Jiro is a force of nature. He's working at the edges of the emerging future, helping others contribute their highest gifts to the world.

Working with him is worth its weight in gold. If personal mastery is what you seek, work with Jiro.

Adam PurvisFounder of Future X