It was a Zen monastery in Japan in which I first discovered meditation.

I had been practising for several months…. sometimes 2 hours a day with youthful enthusiasm and the spirit of an explorer.

I was awed by the new inner landscapes I was discovering.

On one day I experienced something for the first time that was to forever change my life.

Aware only of awareness, all that separated me from others was no longer there.

First, a sense of dissolution of my physical form. Then blending with those around me, a merging of consciousness.

As the boundaries of body, time and space dissolved, a sense of unity that expanded beyond my mind and body, beyond walls, borders and oceans began to emerge in consciousness… until I was… one with all.

Expansive, infinite, non-dual, peaceful, silent.

What had happened?

EVERYTHING. Yet, also nothing.

Certainly in the eyes of the Zen monk who I tried to explain my experience to.

Simply a brief opening of the curtains of mind to something beyond the mind.

Just a fleeting taste of one-ness. Only a peek over the walls of my ego.

Merely a moment of respite from mental distortions.

Coming home.

Whatever you call it, no matter how ordinary or not…. from that day onward, theory had become MY truth:

I am connected in some way to all life.

What would happen if millions and billions of people who have spent their entire lives thinking they are alone, isolated and disconnected, were to experience their own truth of connectedness?

Could this be the shift that shifts humanity over some tipping point from ego-awareness to an” eco-awareness”…

…The shift that unites us around the shared reality that we are all one family, all sharing the beautiful and odd experience of living on this planet?

Its probably the ONLY way this shift will ever happen.

My point is that we can talk about statistics, theory and concepts until the cows and all life is dead… we can try and figure out how the universe works forever…

…or we can have direct experiences that change us from the inside out and reveal “truth” that needs no further validation.

It’s so important become the pioneering shamans of our own lives, explorers of our own frontiers, and curators of unique experiences and experiments…that mirror back at us who we really are.

The fact that it is possible to explore in this way indicates to me that this is our sacred responsibility and our birthright.

Nature/ life/ source wants us to explore, to get weird, to scare ourselves, to peek behind curtains, to take risks….

But most of all life invites us to walk the pathless land to find our own truth. 🙏🏾❤️

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