Create a Culture People Love

Flowstate helps organizations become more conscious. We guide founders on learning journeys from which higher purpose emerges.


Flowstate helps create more engaged and alive organizations that outperform their competitors through the design of their cultures.

Our work is based on management science, neuroscience, integral theory, complexity science and flow state philosophy.

We help shift beliefs and mindset so people tap into joy, experience flow and feel trust for those around them.

We equip the leaders with the wisdom to create thriving cultures that flow.


What is Flow Culture?

A company with Flow Culture is a living organism powered by authentic purpose and a powerful sense of meaning.

The organism is scaled through distributed leadership and decision making and clearly defined rituals and systems.

There is a collective honoring of spaces and activities that inspire human well-being, creativity and expression.

Co-creation and collaboration naturally emerges internally and with other aligned organizations.

People in the organism are committed to growth, and understand how their level of awareness and expression defines the collective consciousness of the organization.

They are empowered to innovate and perceive themselves as artists.

There is no need for lofty mission statements or CSR initiatives because the organism naturally contributes to a higher purpose by expressing the collective consciousness within it.

The aliveness of the culture and the alignment to meaning ensures that everyone in the organization is showing up fully. Performance is a natural by-product of the culture.

Does this sound like a company culture you would like to be a part of?

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