Flow Quests & Leadership Retreats

We teach the Art of Living in Flow, a path of high performance & deep purpose.

Flow Quests are powerful and life-changing experiences for those willing to go deep and explore beyond the comfort zone.

We invite those who hear the call to journey in honour of the beauty of life, and we hold sacred space for rawness, vulnerability natural growth and creative expression.

These quests are opportunities to learn powerful ways to recharge, re-imagine the future and level up across all areas of life.

We run 3 or 4 retreats a year. In 2019, we are hosting:

  1. 3 nights in Byron Bay
  2. 9 days in Indonesia for surfers
  3. 11 days in Peru for CEO’s who leverage business to impact the world


Connect with Nature

We stop, listen, take deep breaths and allow nature to re-charge us

Face Your Fears

We explore our edges, face our fears and grow

Experience Altered states

We experience altered states through breath, movement, meditation & plants

Peak Performance Workshops

We learn about flow state science, how to expand consciousness develop mental resilience

Story-Telling & Fire

We discuss Flow Culture, emerging trends, disruptive technologies and  tell our stories

Re-Generative Leadership

We get into visionary states, imagine what the world could be be like, and plan what we will do about it

Jiro is a force of nature. If you want inner growth, work with him and go on a FlowQuest!.

Adam PurvisFounder of Future X Innovation

Business training and surfing in the Maldives. Work hard play hard mixed as one. My type of learning and development. Thanks for the adventure, the memories, new ideas, inspiration, pumping surf, recharge, laughs and most of all new friends.

Chris HassonReal Estate Entrepreneur

Amazing experience guys- well done! You guys have a fantastic dynamic, sense of humour and are experts on your subjects.

Patrick MooreInternational Man of Mystery

The week was phenomenal. Your delivery of the information was clear and concise, well presented, easily digested and FRESH. I love the blend of modern science with traditional philosophy.

Alexandra MurcottArtist, Designer & Entrepreneur

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