Flow Quests & Vision Quests

Transformational Adventures into Nature & Soul

Since 2014 we have facilitated transformational rites of passage for the adventurous and committed spiritual seekers.

We lead small groups into potent transformational experiences.

Our blend is a cosmic fusion of ancient wisdom, ancestral medicines, cutting edge flow science and with raw, wild nature,

We let nature do the teaching, and artistically hold safe space for you to do deep work to remember who you are and why you are here.

We believe our Quests are the safest and most potent pathways to reveal your unique genius and soul purpose… and we believe that living through your soul is to live in flow.

Jiro is a force of nature. If you want inner growth, work with him and go on a FlowQuest!.

Adam PurvisFounder of Future X Innovation

Business training and surfing in the Maldives. Work hard play hard mixed as one. My type of learning and development. Thanks for the adventure, the memories, new ideas, inspiration, pumping surf, recharge, laughs and most of all new friends.

Chris HassonReal Estate Entrepreneur

Amazing experience guys- well done! You guys have a fantastic dynamic, sense of humour and are experts on your subjects.

Patrick MooreInternational Man of Mystery

The week was phenomenal. Your delivery of the information was clear and concise, well presented, easily digested and FRESH. I love the blend of modern science with traditional philosophy.

Alexandra MurcottArtist, Designer & Entrepreneur

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