Flow Quest | Byron Bay

A leap into expression, playfulness, authenticity & flow.

March, 2019

Byron Bay Hinterland, Australia



We invite 6 flow-seekers into the power of ceremony and vulnerability on a quest to level up consciousness, freedom and creativity.

This is an opportunity to enjoy a transformational experience and activate powerful states of being. You will come away with a deeper connection to self, others and nature.

If you are on an inner growth path and seeking the wisdom to clarify, expand and achieve your visions, we welcome you to apply.


Our base is in the Byron Bay hinterland. We have the ocean and the rainforest on our doorstep, and a few secret spots that we love taking our tribe to.

When we’re in nature we learn to drop in and listen to her call.


Every morning our ritual is to be up at dawn, watch the sunrise while moving our bodies.

We joyfully improvise and invite you to play. We also teach breath and meditation practices that drop you into stillness and flow.


Every afternoon and evening we gather to eat, talk jam and drop into ceremony around the fire. We play music, sing, laugh and drop into sacred space.

This is a time for sharing truth and holding space for authentic relating.

The power of ceremony and vulnerability combined with a group of open minded people is just dynamite for leveling up consciousness.

The FlowQuest was a fulcrum moment in my life. It served as an anchor that helped me pivot into the most beautiful and natural direction change. I am forever different as a result.

Steve BrophyEntrepreneur, educator, Coach

The hike, the swim, the chats, the laughter, the hugs the new friendships, just meeting other warriors. The Flow Quest was a beautiful, deep and sacred adventure into the unknown.

Colin HewittTech Founder

I learned the importance of real conversations and surrounding myself with self-aware people. Learning the power of breath.

I would describe this experience as a rare opportunity to rip yourself out of everyday life, connect with nature and people on their own quest for self-awareness, nourish yourself, and allow space for new thinking (potentially a new “you”!) to emerge.

Ben ReidStart-Up Founder & Advisor

The space held by this group made it so easy to drop into flow, and enabling the deepest and most profound levels of self exploration. The Flow Quest was a life-changing exploration of self, a journey to honour the beauty of life in the most raw and authentic manner.

Leslie LauWisdom-seeker

Your Host's & Facilitators

jiro taylor flowstate

Jiro Taylor

Founder & Flow Sensei

Jiro is an artist, truth-seeking catalyst and a teacher of modern flow. After 7 years in the corporate world, locked within the dark prison of self-limitation and fear, Jiro broke free and imagined a new reality of living in flow with the natural cycles of the universe.

He is now living this dream of service and play, and takes along for the ride a community of global-flow-seekers, CEOs of purpose-driven companies and leaders of organisations that want to lead the shift into the new paradigm of regenerative business.

Jiro is the linch-pin and chief catalyst, involved in all Flowstate projects. He loves working privately with founders of purpose driven businesses, and creating spaces from which deep transformations occur.

Bodhi Whitaker

Joy, Rhythm, Breath & Beats

Bodhi is a freestyling, rhythmical flow master who dedicates his life to helping others come alive. After a childhood and youth spent surfing competitively, Bodhi found a new kind of inner rhythm through movement, singing, music and deep connections.

He is now a full-time joy-maker and freedom catalyst, passionate about helping young and old feel truly alive and in flow.

As the co-founder of Breathe Project, Bodhi is on a mission to disrupt the education system from within, and teach students and teachers how to connect with inner power and innate wisdom.

For Flowstate, Bodhi offers his services as a mentor and spiritual guide. Those who have a chance to work with Bodhi come away with a renewed sense of aliveness and joy. Bodhi also co-facilitates on various FlowQuest retreats, and is involved in Flowstate X company consulting projects.

Trent Banyan

Fire Keeper & Energy Master

Trent is a man of immense wisdom, a powerful healer, an incredible guide of life. He's the man you want on your team, by your side through thick and thin.

As a Chinese Medicine practitioner... and a master of chi-flow, Trent has a deep commitment to exploring his inner truths, and sharing with others what he learns, most recently in the addiction, mental health and Rites of Passage domains.

Trent is involved in various aspects of self-transformation work and has years of experience in facilitating transformational workshops and retreats.

Trent co-facilitates FlowQuest retreats and is a founding member of The School of Flow. He is available for Chi-Flow coaching- the Art of cultivating Chi in all areas of your life.

For those who want to develop inner power and a solid connection to intuitive wisdom, Trent is a powerful ally.

Oh.. and he is also officially a ``spiritual male model`` and is featured as The Fire-Keeper on a set of spiritual cards (see image). What a legend!


  • Deep Nature Immersion
  • The Art of Flow
  • Flow Breathing
  • Child-like play
  • Real, vulnerable communication
  • Consciousness exploration
  • Qi Gong Yoga & esoteric acupuncture


  • A living tool-set of meditation, breath & flow practice for life
  • Deep friendships
  • A clearer vision for your future
  • Inspiration to commit to flow practices
  • Wisdom for your life purpose to emerge


AU $2,222

This includes:

- 3 nights luxury accommodation
- Farm to table, locally produced, lovingly prepared food... and drink
- All activities & ceremony

Just get yourself here.