Flowstate Wilderness Vision Quest

A Journey into Heart, Soul & Wildness for Sincere Truth-seekers

February- June, 2020


Do you stand at a threshold you can’t quite articulate?

Have you searched for deeper purpose but come up short?

Do you know in your bones there is a path you are meant to walk that has so far eluded you?

Remember the Ancient Stories

The monk who retreated to the cave.

The warrior who climbed the mountain and sat in silent vigil. The mystic who walked into the desert.

In the old times, individuals would be guided into initiation processes that would help them shed skin, baggage, stories and identities.

The dying of the old was known to make way for the emergence of the new.

All the ancients knew a human being wasn’t born; a human being was made.

Initiation is the chrysalis in which the caterpillar turned to mush… before emerging as a butterfly.

This is ancient wisdom so needed in these modern times.

This is the opportunity for you to honour the past and transcend whatever it is holding your back.

It won’t just happen. You have to make the leap.


Find the Treasure Within

We invite you on a sacred journey to your deepest truth.

For 4 months you will be prepared for your Wildnerness Vision Quest experience, and life after Quest.

The centre point of this 4 month journey is the Wilderness Vigil, in the heartland of ancestral initiation country in Australia.

We will be together for 7 days. For 3 days and 3 nights, you will court silence, stillness and solitude… and discover a more beautiful way to suffer.

All we ask is you go without for a little while. To strip away the inessential. To renounce familiarity, starve yourself of the periphery and discover the treasure on the other side of comfort.

This vision quest will tenderise your ego and reveal the power of your heart.

It will revitalise your spirit and sharpen your animal senses.

In the womb of initiation, you will empty yourselves of delusion to remember all the answers lie within.

You will strip away all that conceals your unique genius.  

Are You Ready?

Do you take responsibility for what you become?


Are you willing to sign up for this enchanting yet gutsy attempt to become more human?

If you feel in the marrow of your bones that you are ready to Quest, tell us about yourself and let’s arrange the kind of conversation this sacrifice deserves.


The power of ceremony and vulnerability combined with a group of open minded people is just dynamite for leveling up consciousness.

The FlowQuest was a fulcrum moment in my life. It served as an anchor that helped me pivot into the most beautiful and natural direction change. I am forever different as a result.

Steve BrophyEntrepreneur, educator, Coach

The hike, the swim, the chats, the laughter, the hugs the new friendships, just meeting other warriors. The Flow Quest was a beautiful, deep and sacred adventure into the unknown.

Colin HewittTech Founder

I learned the importance of real conversations and surrounding myself with self-aware people. Learning the power of breath.

I would describe this experience as a rare opportunity to rip yourself out of everyday life, connect with nature and people on their own quest for self-awareness, nourish yourself, and allow space for new thinking (potentially a new “you”!) to emerge.

Ben ReidStart-Up Founder & Advisor

The space held by this group made it so easy to drop into flow, and enabling the deepest and most profound levels of self exploration. The Flow Quest was a life-changing exploration of self, a journey to honour the beauty of life in the most raw and authentic manner.

Leslie LauWisdom-seeker