Flowstate X | A Tribe of Pioneering Tech Founders

Flowstate helps organizations become more conscious. We guide founders on learning journeys from which higher purpose emerges.


Flowstate X is a community & coaching program for visionary Tech Founders.

For those who see the potential for technology and consciousness to be the solution to humanities greatest challenges, we teach self-mastery.

Having a map for your personal and business growth, and accountability to stick to it ensures your progress is sustainable and consistent

Support from world-class coaches, advisors and other tech founders enables you to get answers, inspiration & action steps

FlowQuest retreats in mind-blowing locations recharge you, and give you the wisdom and inspiration to keep stepping up to new levels of performance

A Open Letter to all Tech Founders who want to Scale Revenue, Impact... and Fulfilment

Here are 3 truths you need to know:


  1. You are the bottle-neck to your companies growth.

  2. Your level of physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual development will cap your impact

  3. Consciousness training is the next frontier of performance

Are you obsessed by metrics but mystified by the unquantifiable?

Becoming a great CEO requires mastery of metrics, as well as mastery of your mind.

The fact is that YOUR performance limits the performance of your company.

It’s tempting to think that more capital, more runway, more developers or a better co-founder would solve all your problems.

But the truth is that it’s not about the external.

It’s about building up your belief, resilience, energy, resourcefulness and vision.

YOU must grow to meet growing business demands.

The Inner Dimensions of Growth

We created Flowstate X specifically to help highly leveraged Tech founders master the inner dimensions of growth.

After 10 years of experimenting and studying human potential, we developed a map called “The Flow Codex”.

It guides you on an inner journey to your full potential:


  • Part 1 is about developing deep self-awareness

  • Part 2 trains you to have mastery of your mind and habits

  • Part 3 teaches you how to express your creativity and personality, as the visionary leader you have the potential to become

This map has been tested on dozens of founders. It works.

Are you mostly in Fear or Flow?

Our biology is complex, yet our basic state of being is binary: We are either in a state of fear (fight/ flight) or flow (rest/ recover).

In fear mode your brain can only process about 200 bits per second.

In flow, some scientists believe the brain processes more than 2 billion bits per second.

Learning how to train your mind to be in FLOW opens your mind to be able to access your full human potential as a CEO.

In flow, you’re able to:

  • Be less reactive and more reasoned in your response to situations

  • Self-regulate your emotions & process stress in a healthy way

  • Activate your “higher intelligence systems” and access your subconscious

  • Make better leadership and life decisions

  • Understand and communicate with other people skilfully

  • Turn all challenges into growth opportunities

  • Snap out of frustration into peak states on demand

  • Sense opportunities & hone your instincts and intuition

  • Feel like work is play and leadership is a joy

When you how to operate without stress, and in flow you realise you have unlimited potential to scale revenue and impact…

simply by doing what you LOVE doing –  solving complex problems.

The question is: What are you doing to get from fear to flow?

Want to kick-start your growth-plan?

*This is a free 20 minute deep dive with Jiro Taylor exclusively for Tech founders

Here’s how Flowstate X helps Tech Founders get in Flow & stay in Flow

– 2 x a month guided “Flow sessions” with fellow tech founders. 

(You won’t get to where you want to go alone. Masterminding with your peers is a powerful way to get quick help and inspiration)

– Monthly Private session of Flow coaching

(Everyone has different needs and pressures.  These personalised and private breakthrough sessions get you laser focused on what action to take to experience more flow)

– Monthly Group session on spiritual practice, energy cultivation, meditation, breath work and Eastern philosophy

(You’re already great at thinking and doing – it’s time to upgrade your state of BEING)

– Access to the Flowstate Collective Mentors

(Want help with hiring/ scaling/ exiting? Never again wonder who can help you. Join office hours or book a private session with an expert mentor of your choice)

– Invites to 3 FlowQuest adventures every year

(Transformation happens when you go through experiences- which is why we create experiences designed to push you beyond your comfort zone)

 -Access to a growing library of self-development resources

(Save time and effort and have the practices and wisdom at your fingertips)

Working with Jiro & Flowstate has been the single most important factor in my development as a founder and human.

Advait ShindeCEO & Co-founder of GoGuardian | Forbes 30 under 30

Jiro caught me at the darkest moments of my entrepreneurial journey. I was scared and knocked down. He has been one of the biggest factors for my success today. He helped me pick myself up and completely reframe what I am doing and why I do it!

Ryan ChanCEO & Founder of OnUpKeep.com (Y-Combinator intake 2018)

I'm so grateful to have Jiro & Flowstate in my corner. I have never been more clear on my purpose. My business is thriving.

Cam SpeckFounder & COO of FitplanApp.com


The Flow Codex™ is a modern map and formula for building your self-awareness, mastery and expression of purpose.

As a Flowstate X member, you'll be taught how to develop mastery of each section of the journey. You'll also be invited to partake in a project to track your key flow bio-metrics, so you know exactly what changes to make to your sleep, nutrition, movement or rest patterns.

the flow codex


When you join Flowstate X, rather than having just 1 point of contact with 1 coach, you become part of a TRIBE. This means you get support from coaches, mentors and peers.

Jiro Taylor, the founder of Flowstate will be your main coaching contact. You'll also have access to mentors with deep experience in capital raising, recruitment, product design, delivery, scaling and exiting.

Experts in various areas of human potential including nutrition, meditation and emotional intelligence will be part of the community and will be accessible to you.


FlowQuests are are accelerated learning experiences, chances to relax and create life-long friendships with fellow founders.

You're invited to 3 each year, and expected to join at least 1. You also get complimentary VIP access to all Flowstate workshops. Our live events are amazing opportunities to network with exceptional founders and to cross-pollinate ideas.

Our upcoming FlowQuests are to Hawaii and Peru.


Jiro is a force of nature. He's working at the edges of the emerging future, helping others contribute their highest gifts to the world. Working with him is worth its weight in gold. If personal mastery is what you seek, join Flowstate X.

Adam Purvis Founder & Director| Future X Innovation

If I could send everyone I work with to work with Jiro, I would. He holds a role that not many people I've met possess, with access to one of the most profound keys to our individual and collective awakening. If you have the chance to work with him, seize it with both hands.

Ilana WetzlerChange Catalyst & Entrepreneur

When I began flow coaching I was constantly stressed out, I didn’t know how to express myself to others and my colleagues. I’ve had a huge spiritual awakening.

My stress levels have gone from a level 9/10 to 0-1/10.

Kevin PhanInternet Marketing Founder

Want a self-development plan that evolves as you do?

*This is a free 20 minute deep dive with Jiro Taylor exclusively for Tech founders

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the typical results and return on investment?

The average increase in annual revenues for clients we work with is 12x within the first year. But obviously a lot depends on the maturity of the company! Maybe we could 12X Googles revenues in a year, but most companies we work with are in the $5- 50m ARR range.

The ROI of coaching is extremely high – the decision making of the CEO largely determines the success of the business. Coaching multiples the quality of CEO decision making.

We have a 100% client retention record, and have helped clients close funding rounds in a month or feel a new level of self-confidence within a week. By focusing on the inner dimension of growth, anything your can envision and feel as a possibility is within your reach.

What is flow?

The “flow state” is a state of peak performance, creativity and productivity characterised by immersion in activity and enjoyment.

“Living in Flow” is to be in harmony with self and nature. It’s a higher state of consciousness. Without conflict, anxiety, ego or struggle to block flow, your highest purpose and performance pours out of you.

What's the cost... and who pays?

The company rather than the founder pays for this kind of coaching.

The price of Flowstate X is very affordable for companies with revenue or funding. If you are early stage, are bootstrapping and are yet to create consistent revenue this probably won’t be a fit, however in exceptional circumstances we will consider alternative non-cash/ adviser arrangements.

I have mentors, a board and advisers who offer coaching support- do I need more?

Ask yourself if you feel truly supported on every level. Coaching is a very specific skill. Ex-CEO’s don’t always make the best coaches.

The best coaching relationships are highly personal, and sacred. If you want a relationship with someone with no ties to the business, with whom you can really express yourself, and let go…. you need an external coach.

Does it matter where in the world I'm based?

This is a global program, and thats part of the unique proposition of Flowstate X. You get an instant global network. As for time-zones, we work it out. This is what we have done for years.

How long does the program last?

Flowstate X is a 1 year program that keeps rolling, and evolving as you do. You commit for a minimum of 1 year, and you let us know if you want to stay as a member after that.

Who exactly is Flowstate X for?

This is a coaching program for Tech founders with a proven track-record who are interested in self-development as a path to greater success. This is for those who have the self-awareness to see that business growth is directly correlated to personal growth. If you know this, and you are committed to doing the work to grow as a human and founder, this is for YOU.

What's the next step?

You click the button below- or here. Complete the short form, book in your call with Jiro to assess fit and we take it from there.

Ready to start your journey to becoming the best CEO you can be?