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Receive world-class coaching and a bespoke plan for your accelerated growth & sustained high performance

Join an inspirational Tribe of impact driven entrepreneurs & mentors from around the world

Join us on 3 epic FlowQuests every year, to dive deeply into self-inquiry & self-expression

Do you have a vision that goes beyond scale & exit?

If you’re a Tech founder on a quest for self-awareness, meaning and impact, this is for you.

Flowstate X is a Tribe of entrepreneurs supported by experts in human potential, leadership and company growth.

Our mission is to help tech entrepreneurs maximise the ROI (Ripple of Impact) of their businesses and thrive as founders and humans.

I'm the CEO and co-founder of a 100 person tech business, growing rapidly. Working with Flowstate has been the single most important factor in my development as a founder and human.

They have catalyzed incredible progress for me in the realm of spirituality, self awareness, and self acceptance that resulted in leadership and business effectiveness that I hadn't even dreamed of.

Advait ShindeCEO & Co-founder of GoGuardian | Forbes 30 under 30

I'm the co-founder of a fast growing tech business in the health and fitness space. The impact Flowstate X & Jiro has had on me is profound and humbling.

I have never been clearer on my purpose. I've never felt happier or more fulfilled. My business is thriving. I am attracting amazing people into my life that are supporting me in living the life I desire.

Cam SpeckCo-Founder & President of Fitplan

The Future of Business is Passion + Purpose= Profit

Flowstate X is a tribe and coaching academy designed to teach tech startup entrepreneurs a new way of doing business.

It’s about being passionate, purposeful and profitable.

The more fulfilled you feel, the more successful your business becomes, the greater the impact you drive for people and planet. And vice-versa.

The way to kick-start this upward spiral is to commit with ferocity to an inner growth path.

Flowstate X guides you on this journey and beyond.

How exactly does the progression happen?


First you go on a journey of radical self-inquiry to learn who you are, why you do what you do, and what exactly you're capable of. Deep self-awareness is the foundation upon which you build your stack of leadership and entrepreneurial skills.


With greater self-awareness comes clarity, confidence and vision. This enables you to effortlessly go through the process of deciding organisational design and growth strategy that reflects your deepest passion and highest purpose.


When you learn to express yourself without limitation, you become aware of unlimited potentiality. The global solution space becomes your playground as you envision new ideas that serve the whole. Flowstate X supports you by surrounding you with talented entrepreneurs and revolutionary thinkers who will fire up your innovation and disruption potential.

How is the Tribe set-up?

Tribal Values, Culture & Identity

The inner dot represents the traditions and shared values that give us a sense of collective purpose

Coaching, Community & Experiences

The inner triangle represents the powerful blend designed to accelerate personal growth and collective impact

Impact Entrepreneurs

The light blue dots represent YOU and your peers. You are guided within an eco-system and supported by tribal culture, each other and the Flowstate Collective mentors

Mentors & Advisers

The outer dots represent the coaches, entrepreneurs, investors, human potential experts and transformation facilitators you have access to
flowstate x tribal model

Who leads the coaching side of Flowstate X?

Jiro Taylor

Founder of Flowstate | Flow Master & Advisor to Founders

I've spent the last 10 years as a growth consultant to businesses and the last 5 years advising tech start-up founders.

My super-power's are in helping entrepreneurs dismantle socially programmed limits and awaken to their full potential.

I love nothing more than taking CEOs and entrepreneurs into nature and on deep spiritual journeys to remember and connect with our natural instincts and full powers.

Steffen Stäuber

Creative Explorer & Founder of Create Meaning

After 10 years in the Old Story, I decided to quit my great job as Managing Partner at LHBS (advertising and consulting) and start a journey around the world to explore how to empower entrepreneurs to make a difference.

At the end of this Quest, I was ready to step up as a catalyst of purpose driven business growth.

I combine expertise in communication, design, branding and technology to help companies to bridge the gap between ideas, strategy and new business solutions.


Being a Flowstate X member gives you access to a global network of like-minded entrepreneurs and to The Flowstate Collective.

These Super-Hero’s have been hand-selected for their unique gifts and ability to accelerate your journey to maximum impact and performance.



FlowQuests are deep learning experiences, and amazingly fun adventures.

As a Flowstate X member, you’re invited to 3 a year.

In 2018/19 we are planning trips to Costa Rica, Peru and Australia.

Let's check in to make sure this is for you

  • You’re a successful tech founder yearning for deeper meaning. You’re curious about the impact you and your business could make on the world… or….

  • You’re an impact entrepreneur/  social entrepreneur already on a purpose-driven path… but business is a struggle. You want more abundance and leverage to expand your vision

This is not for you if...

  • You’re not an entrepreneur

  • You don’t have an interest in self-development

  • You aren’t interested in business as a force for good

If you feel it... Apply Now!

We will review your application and be in touch to arrange a deep dive to assess fit.


Jiro is a force of nature. He's working at the edges of the emerging future, helping others contribute their highest gifts to the world. Working with him is worth its weight in gold. If personal mastery is what you seek, join Flowstate X.

Adam Purvis Founder & Director| Future X Innovation

When I began flow coaching I was constantly stressed out, I didn’t know how to express myself to others and my colleagues. I’ve had a huge spiritual awakening.

My stress levels have gone from a level 9/10 to 0-1/10.

Kevin PhanInternet Marketing Entrepreneur

If I could send everyone I work with to work with Jiro, I would. He holds a role that not many people I've met possess, with access to one of the most profound keys to our individual and collective awakening. If you have the chance to work with him, seize it with both hands.

Ilana WetzlerChange Catalyst & Entrepreneur

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I get started if I'm accepted?

Flowstate X launches on May 1st, 2018

But we can get started with Flow Coaching right away, and when Flowstate X launches, you simply join the April intake.

What is flow?

The “flow state” is a state of peak performance, creativity and productivity characterised by immersion in activity and enjoyment.

“Living in Flow” is to be in harmony with self and nature. It’s a higher state of consciousness. Without conflict, anxiety, ego or struggle to block flow, your highest purpose and performance pours out of you.

What if I've never practiced flow or meditation before?

No problem! You are already a flow master. You simply need help remembering. You w ill be supported in this like you won’t believe.

What if I can't make the live coaching sessions?

We get that you’re busy. We encourage you make the sessions because they are powerful,  but if you can’t you can still submit your questions and we will still answer it live and post the replays in the group forum.

Does it matter where in the world I'm based?

This is a global program, and thats part of the awesomeness. You get an instant global network. As for time-zones, we work it out. This is what we have done for years.

How long does the program last?

Flowstate X is a 1 year program that keeps rolling, and evolving as you do. You commit for a minimum of 1 year, and you let us know if you want to stay as a member after that.

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