by Leon Cossar

The human soul is the heart of hearts

Her pulsing undulations flow with the original emanating sound that pours through all things as the ongoing, ever-changing, myriad, symphony orchestra of creation.

The human soul is an instrument crafted by the finest hands and rarest jewel. Each one utterly and unfathomably unique.  

She would make beauty blush.

She is the song keeper initiated into the drone note of the universe.  Our companion to waltz boldly and gloriously into grief and praise, before emerging as rebellious rascals drunk for the ecstatic.

She is the poet, the dancer, a benevolent trickster, but intensely shy.

She carries our greatest gifts and deepest wounds as a sacred blessing upon the altar of great nature. In one hand she holds our fate, in the other our destiny. A divine invitation to participate and contribute to the great dance that goes long into the night after our part is done.

She stands for our birth rites. The freedom to dream, to hear the calling and follow our inner most vision, to honour the divine longing that brought us here and to know we are all equal in this right.

When we make contact with her we are revealed to ourselves.  Praise falls from our mouth like autumn leaves spiralling with eloquence to kiss the earth. Honour to our inner vision becomes the guiding light through which we pierce the merely mundane to reveal the truly sacred.

The human soul is innocent yet courageous beyond heroics.   

She is the part of us that would walk humbly into the darkest caves of our lives, approach on her knees, light candles and make art. She is a lover not a fighter. A hopeless romantic glowing with star dust even when it feels like the sun has abandoned us. 

She is the part of us when all else fails, makes muffins, plants a tree, waters the flowers, writes a love letter and walks barefoot through the forest of imagination courting the mythic. She is the one who sings us to sleep in a loving embrace crooning us into the invisible realm of dreams and deep silence.  

She is not a dreamer, she is a dream wrapped in a soul surrounded by a human body. She is you.

She has one request of you. It is the simple yet courageous gesture of the dancer.  To approach her with sincerity, extend your hand and ask… 

“Would you give me the honour of this dance’? 

As if to say would you join with me in the ongoing dance of creation. Im guessing thats where the expression comes from that ‘dancing is the vertical expression of horizontal desires.’  

This sacred dance is the birth place of real love making.  

In ancient times warriors were not given a sword until they knew the inner poetics of their soul, they were taught to dance and read and write poetry.

The ancient ritual of Vision Quest is a pathway through which one can tune their ear to the song line of their soul serenading them back to a sense of belonging and beauty in a world starved of the romantically courageous.

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