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Humans in Flow: Brett Harrison & his Theory of Everything

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[Human’s in Flow is an interview series featuring members of FlowTribe.]

Jiro: Please tell us a little about yourself and how you live your life.

Brett: I own (along with a few other shareholders now) and manage a company that produces a product for the building industry that I designed. Fortunately this no longer requires a lot of input from me, and this has freed up my time to write the book among other things.

I live on a six acre property in Gleniffer NSW (just outside of Bellingen) with my wife, dog and a cat. We have built everything including B&B accommodation and are now having a more conventional house built. We will be off grid, with spring water and grow much of our own veg and we’ve got glorious chickens! Man they are awesome … I was just saying to my wife Sandy today how I feel that we are a beacon of love in an increasingly mad world.

Jiro: Im keen to know about what, if anything, flow means to you?

Brett: Yes. There is a section in the book I have just written that goes into this, however, the short version for me is that it is simply a state of presence, of feeling deeply and consciously in my body where my life is, and then moving with what that life essence is asking of me (us).

Jiro:  So lets talk about your book: HUMANS | From Nothing to Now. You sure took on a big topic. Potentially the largest of them all. How did you move from philosophising to decided you would take on this challenge?

Brett: There was never much philosophising. The fact is that in living a life of flow, I couldn’t not write this book. After my mystical experience at age 28, I had trouble fitting in with society. The experience was both a blessing and a curse. So for my own sanity, and the possibility of having a place in society once again, I had to get this message/work out of me in a form that captured what begged expression, was easy to read, and also made sense!

Jiro: Can you tell us about this mystical experience?

Brett: Yes and no. I have devoted several pages in the book to describing it, but without the context of the book and everything that precedes the description, I don’t know if I could do it justice. Perhaps the best quick description was that although it was a powerful, enlightening and wonderfully sensational experience, it was really only a more real, more true experience of what life is or can be. Sorry, that might sound a little empty, but the purpose of the book is to help facilitate such an experience in the reader. Only through direct experience can it really be understood and known.

Want to shift from beta to alpha & from over-thinking to flowing?

Jiro: So you said you wrote the book for your own sanity, to get the message out of you. And you’ve also said you’ve written it to help others facilitate a similarly life changing mystical experience that you had.  Can you tell us more about who its for and what readers will learn?

Brett: Yes. Its a book that covers a lot. In a nutshell it bridges the gap between science and spirituality. A huge part of what was revealed was a new look at how everything works – something that makes a lot more sense than current theories, and also answers many of of the mysteries in them, like the cause of gravity, an explanation for wave/ particle duality, the mind/body connection and many other things. My challenge and drive was to relate this to the experience of living. Or to put it another way around, I wanted to ground spirituality and metaphysics in some practical understanding that had a scientific base. That is, why does life work when we engage the flow, for example.

Jiro: You mention in the introduction to the book reading Stephen Hawking’s “The Theory of Everything”, which obviously makes a stab at creating a unifying theory, but from a physicist’s perspective. Why do you feel science has thus far been unable to provide a TOE?

Brett: Because largely it would seem that scientists are always looking out, and ignoring the inner dimension, the other half of the equation.

Jiro: Sure, I think thats a reasonable generalisation. But many scientists have been deeply self-aware humans. Einstein, Tesla and David Bohm for example, were men who had a deep appreciation of what they did not know and could not measure, but what the felt might be the case.

Let’s take Tesla who seemed well versed in some ancient texts or perspectives on how the universe worked. Do your ideas tie together some of ancient mysticism/ wisdom with current theories put forward by quantum physicists?

Brett:  Yes, and those that you mention made great contributions to the world as a result of their ability to incorporate the inner dimension in their work. Absolutely my ideas tie together ancient wisdom with quantum physics. A true Theory of Everything, by its very definition, must do this. It could not truly be a ToE if it can only explain things at a small scale (quantum mechanics) or a large scale (relativity) or if it can provide powerful transformative tools but cannot explain how or why they work. A true ToE must be able to address absolutely everything.

Jiro: Can you tell us a little about your “practice” or your regular habits when it comes to exploration of what it is to be human?

Brett: I do not have practice or regular habits – I endeavour to remain as present as possible in every moment and allow that to direct me. In that sense, being present in life is my practice, and this is what initiated the mystical experience.

Jiro: What does enlightenment mean to you and is that where you are/ headed?

Brett: Enlightenment is two things – education of the human mind, and dissolving the density of it simultaneously. Again, I speak about this in the book. To be free of the mind is not enough, as it is often and traditionally believed. And understanding who and what we are is not enough either by itself. The two must come together to be the real deal, never to fall or fail again. This is where we are heading as a race, and have been for some 70,000 years.

Jiro: Theres probably nothing we can chat about that isn’t touched on in the book, seeing as you have come up with a Theory of Everything!  So what wisdom can you share for someone starting on the path, who is utterly confused about who/ what/ why they exist?

Brett: (Chuckling) Yes. Learn to stop! That is the best, fastest, but also most difficult thing to do! Do whatever you can to learn how to stop. And by stop, I don’t mean not doing anything. I mean stopping the momentum of the mind. That often does involve being physically still, but not ultimately. There is so much help today for us, for anyone who is sincere in finding and living the truth.

Jiro: Learn to stop and be still. A concept of great wisdom. But how? So often it is trauma that halts people enough to take stock and re-calibrate. It seems that sickness, relationship breakdown, death of loved ones… is what it takes to start waking up. And the very idea of stillness and space is becoming more and more radical as we enter a new technological age where our attention is being bombarded like never before.

Excuse my bluntness, but it just doesn’t seem that helpful to say “learn to stop”. We are being programmed to go go go. How can we re-program, for want of a better expression?

Brett: Yes I completely agree, and what you say was certainly true for me. It required shocking events to help wake me up. And yes, there is no doubt that we are being bombarded like never before. Therefore, there is even more requirement for us to learn how to stop. With the ability to balance stopping with new technologies and the opportunities that they bring, life has a potential like never before. Out of balance, it is overwhelming and leads to all kinds of dysfunction.

So of course it is easy to say, ‘learn how to stop’. But if we look, there are more opportunities for us to do this now. Meditation practice has now been demystified, and classes abound. Mindfulness practice is a growing rapidly – in fact I have a friend who is actively involved in taking mindfulness to schools, beginning with the teachers. How awesome is that? These are all ways of stopping, and never before has it been so socially acceptable for us to do it. But what is even better than that is to simply do what you love to do. This is the perfect state in the end, because when we are doing what we love to do, we are doing what we are here to do. The mind begins to quieten.

Jiro: Simply do what you love to do. Yes I resonate with this. Part of FlowTribe is about helping people understand who they are, what they want to do and what action can be taken to do that. Id love to know more about your lifestyle as it seems highly intentional. Why do you live where you live and how you live?

Brett:  I live where I live because I have been drawn here … and its beautiful! Very conscious community, however I am on the edge of it. I have always been a bit of a fringe dweller.

Jiro: So what are you working on, in terms of advancing your self or growing?

Brett: This question does not really resonate for me. What I am working on is giving my attention to this moment. I don’t mean to sound glib, but this is the truth. Perhaps to break it down would be to say that I am working with the circumstances in the moment that arise as a result of my underlying intention.

The underlying intention that I can identify with that brought me to this moment talking to you on a FlowTribe platform is one of stepping up into something that has been being prepared for a very long time. It is first to live in a state of true Love, and second to express (teach) from this place without fear of what others may think. To know Love and live in Love helps demonstrate the truth of it and this affects those around me, which is the most important thing. You know this because it is what you are doing in your life too, I can see, and it is what anyone does when they are capable of living in the moment, the only place true Love dwells. 

The teaching that comes from this place through me is one about understanding the nature of reality or existence – the very nature of the matter that makes up what we call the physical world and the opportunity we have for experience. Essentially this comes down to understanding the creative process, and this is interesting for two reasons. First, understanding creativity helps explain many of the mysteries of the universe, and second it helps people empower themselves to create functional, awesome lives. All of this is expressed in the book, which serves as a clear platform for the teaching.

Jiro: Beautiful! thanks. So can you share with readers how they can get your book?

Brett: Yes, hard copy can be purchased through my website, or ebook and hard copy through Amazon (just search the title and author – HUMANS | From Nothing to Now … and please do leave an honest review – I have just released the work, its early days and reviews are extremely helpful!) Also available through all other online book retailers. 

Thanks Jiro, it been great chatting with you.



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