I’m the founder of Flowstate, host of FlowTribe and the Flowstate Performance Podcast, and a global thought leader in the area of human development and potential.

I feel grateful to work with some of the most passionate and talented CEOs and change makers in the world.

I also feel immense gratitude for the joy of surfing, diving deep under the ocean or wandering in forests, experimenting and exploring how to most powerfully live in the natural flow of life.

The work I do is at the intersection of science and spirituality. I research and experiment to develop gateways and language to describe esoteric and mystical concepts.

My work is highly grounded and practical and connects humans with their true power – with the flow of life.

When the finely tuned awareness to live in flow is developed, what naturally emerges is massive upgrades in presence, power, purpose and performance.

I also host a podcast, run retreats, host Flowtribe, a “no-bullshit self-development community“, and co-create with an expanding network of catalysts who connect the dots between inner change and global transformation.

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