The haunting feeling that we may never equal the enormity and divine longing of our inner world with the meaningful drama of our external life, is an inescapable, however treacherous, necessary frontier of the human animal to navigate.

We are not born equal, nor will we ever equal the equation of what could or should of been our lives, but we are unmistakably and unfathomably worthy of being here in all our glorious, courageous and even reckless attempts to reach, just beyond ourselves.

There are few things more vulnerable and beautiful in this world than witnessing the alchemical struggle of the human animal discovering the nobility of their soul in a wild courting dance of inner nature with great nature.

In times of deep change it’s the radical, and often blind faith we bind ourselves too, as we walk away from what we once knew, perhaps even loved, was somehow needed and perfect just as it was, yet no longer serves us on our pilgrimage toward a distant horizon we cant quite define but strangely trust.

When we take the notion of ‘not enough’ as a personal flogging, that we somehow deserved and had coming to us all along we let go of the mythic threads that would weave our lives with sublime meaning and beauty into the wider tapestry and community of the human, and more than human world.

The feeling that we are not enough does not intend to shame our existence nor make us unworthy or exiled from love.

Through the mythic lens it serves only as a divine invitation into the real conversation where we reach both into ourselves, and just beyond, in the symbiotic, eventually unavoidable, painful, yet exquisite gesture of becoming human, that by nature is cyclical, elemental, and mythical.

In this way our relationship with the once crippling notion becomes a benevolent nudge to simply be honest with ourselves and fess up as accurately, lovingly and forgivingly as we can, in all the ways were not quite willing or able to be in the world, yet long for, and feel called to become.

Our deepest yearnings emanate from within our souls like an ancient sonar pulsing into the world echo locating our way through the trials, tragedies and triumphs that characterise our life.

The way forward, always the way through, the way which would guide us on the initiatory paths serving only to reveal ourselves to ourselves.

We are both enough in this moment while simultaneously being called into a constantly expanding and contracting frontier, beckoning us in our pilgrim’s rags to walk humbly into the lives our souls would have us live.

Leon Cossar, the author of this piece, is a wilderness guide, storyteller, mentor and leader of rites of passage. Email him to explore working with him to re-kindle your wild wisdom. ([email protected])

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