Our Story

We’re a collective of catalysts, entrepreneurs, artists and facilitators, inspired by a shared vision of a world in flow.

Flowstate was founded by Jiro Taylor in 2014 and has 3 core areas:

1: FlowTribe

FlowTribe is a community dedicated to supporting those on a self-development journey.

We host the FlowTribe community online, facilitate workshops, an annual adventure retreat, and provide world-class self-development learning resources and inspiration.

2: Flowstate X 

Flowstate X is a consultancy and innovation hub serving a clientele of purpose driven businesses.

We help our clients build high performance cultures based on self-awareness, trust, authenticity and expression.

3: The Flowstate Performance Podcast

Our interviews with neuroscientists, kung fu masters, monks, adventurers, change-catalysts and conscious entrepreneurs deliver epically practical wisdom for those looking for inspiration to live in flow.

Through our podcast, we teach a global audience how to connect the dots between inner change and global change.

Our Vision

A world in flow. Simple.

Our Mission

To co-create a world in flow by supporting individual flow-seekers, business leaders & organisations through coaching and the facilitation of experiential learning events that blend wisdom traditions, nature connection and peak performance science.

Our Values

Infinite Growth // Holistic thinking // Innovative Expression // Social responsibility // The Pursuit of Wisdom

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