Flowstate is a leadership development and culture change agency working with a select group of impact driven businesses and creating transformational growth experiences for the founders who lead them.

Beneath the labels we are a bunch of curious humans connected by a defiance of the cultural status quo and inspired by a shared vision of a world in flow.

What makes us come alive is connecting with visionary organisations and journeying side by side with them as inspirators, teachers and guides as they evolve into thriving organisms that unleash human potential and contribute to the whole.

Our approach to leadership development and business culture is informed primarily by the deep inner journeys each of us have taken, and the wisdom we have directly received from nature.

We have developed a uniquely broad, deep and integrative understanding of what factors contribute to human contentment, high performance and sustainability by designing our lives around peak state experiences, human transformation modalities, performance psychology methods, human centred design thinking, self-awareness techniques, artistic expression, indigenous cultures, nature immersion and systems thinking.

We stand staunchly for co-creating a world in which the expression of authentic purpose and meaning are the life-blood of all businesses and cultures.

Along with our consulting services we host FlowTribe, the only community in the world dedicated to the flow lifestyle, and Flowstate X, a high level coaching program for mission driven founders.

1: Flowstate X 

Flowstate X is a high level Flow coaching program, mastermind and network of performance obsessed, problem solving, openminded business founders who love breaking the rules and exploring the leading edge of human potential, life design and business culture.

To qualify for Flowstate X you will be leading a business with >$5m revenue, have a thirst for knowledge, an insatiable appetite to grow through new experiences and the freedom to spend at least 8 days per year with the group, on retreat.

2: FlowTribe

FlowTribe is an experimental community of Flow Pioneers dedicated to exploring human potential.

We host the FlowTribe community online, facilitate workshops, an annual adventure retreat, and set the conditions for organic growth through a shared journey towards a life design of flow.

3: The Flowstate Performance Podcast

Our interviews with neuroscientists, kung fu masters, monks, adventurers, change-catalysts and conscious entrepreneurs deliver epically practical wisdom for those looking for inspiration to live in flow.

Through our podcast, we teach a global audience how to connect the dots between inner change and global change.

Our Vision

A world in flow, in which all humans and organisations are connected to self, each other and nature.

Our Mission

To co-create a world in flow by supporting individual flow-seekers, business leaders & organisations through coaching and the facilitation of experiential learning events that blend wisdom traditions, nature connection and peak performance science.

Our Values

Infinite Growth // Holistic thinking // Innovative Expression // Social responsibility // The Pursuit of Wisdom

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