Until you accept that you do it for YOU and not in service to others….

You are not in service to anything but your ego. And maybe your “spiritual ego”.

Let’s go deeper into this paradox.

Are you interested in the evolution of consciousness on this planet? Of course you are.

Because of HOW MUCH YOU CARE…. are you becoming fearful, desperate, judgemental, frustrated?

If so, you are really NOT helping your cause. You are contributing to the failure of your cause.

The angry vegan.

The burnt out “purpose driven entrepreneur”.

The judgemental climate change activist.

NOT HELPING. So much spiritual ego.

This is the ego-mind Personhood expressing it’s insecurities disguised in the robes of “purpose”, “service” and “higher consciousness”.

“The work” of transcending the ego is to be able to sit in peace and equanimity DESPITE the bad that is going on out there…

and then to take action from the heart. Taking action from love NOT fear is the only way the consciousness of humanity evolves.

And to truly embody this path requires we go so deep into the core of our being….

that all the polarities, ideologies and labels collapse into oneness….

and we awaken to the realisation that IT DOESN’T FCKING MATTER.

We can exhale a collective breath of relief. We are life expressing itself.

We can put down the world on our shoulders that our egos have demanded we carry.

We can play. We can serve life with a spring in a step and love in our hearts.

Sure, fight the good fight. Awaken and help others do the same.

But do it with love and joy. And this is where awakening begins.

Beware the trap of “spiritual ego”. And it’s dark and dangerous down there.

It’s a vipers pit of smoke and mirrors, the ego disguising itself as spirit.

We must be vigilant in these confusing and hyper-polarising times.

We must learn to decipher the fake from the real. We must go deep and deeper into the core of our being.

Create space, sit in silence and examine the thoughts, feelings and fears that arise.

Explore where they originate. Explore the wide expanse of open awareness.

This is learning to BE… in the infinite wholeness beyond all paradoxes of the mind.

Jiro Taylor

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I'm a mystic, artist and founder of Flowstate. My jam is connecting with the source of life and joining its flow.

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