There is just one wound at the root of all pain, struggle, anxiety and frustration. This wound is separation from wholeness. 

The wounding began when your ego-identity took shape and gradually became the primary lens through which you experience life.

The wound remains unhealed as long as you are caught up in the delusion that you are your thoughts, your identity, your body or your mind.

If you are not that, what are you?

You are an embodiment of source, life force energy. Or as Alan Watts said:

You are an aperture through which the universe is looking at and exploring itself.

Your separation from wholeness is a disconnection from the river of life that leaves you spinning in the turmoil of your mind.

This wound is what limits your impact as a human and development into a super conscious leader.

The Ego… not you’re enemy but your guide

The ego has a positive application: to create a sense of self is a beautiful opportunity to individuate. This is a profound gift.

However, the one giving and receiving the gift is your true self. Because in an inter-connected universe that is holographic in nature, you are IT.

The truth is that you are not (just) your ego or your mind.

You are the witness to these illusory phenomena.

Without this awareness combined with right action, you lose the power to use your thinking mind and instead become its slave.

Thinking intentionally is a powerful tool when utilised with skill. But when you are the victim of the constant looping noise of the over-thinking mind you have lost your power. You will feel scattered, in judgement and anxious.

Without tools and skill it’s inevitable that you will head down a slippery slope to delusion, exhaustion, bad decision making, sickness, and dis-empowerment.

The ego-mind has one agenda: to survive.

To do so it must validate its existence. It does this by conflating your physical survival with its survival.

The result is the development of thought processes that the mind thinks will keep you *safe and secure*. But this keeps *IT* safe and secure.

*YOU* are “protected” by the ego-mind from connecting to source and fully expressing your true self.

That’s why the ego-mind fucking hates vulnerability.

That’s also why your ego is your guide: Wherever it points, go the other way.

Your ego will point to safety- the other way goes towards the uncertainty of life and growth.

Your ego wants to hide under masks. Go the other way, unmask yourself and experience the wholeness of life.

How do you stop the slide into “ego-consciousness”.

To learn to go the other way again and again. You learn to come home to wholeness.

To drop out of the ego-mind and into the field of interconnected consciousness is a sacred practice. It is what the Jedi’s, Samurai’s, mystics, priestesses, shamans, monks and warriors across the ages have mastered.

It’s what Maverick in Top Gun eventually mastered, after much pain caused by his ego’s domination of him.

To master this art is to become the super-conscious leader of your own life, tapped into the infinite source of life.

So, do you choose to come home to wholeness, or does your mind refuse to let go of control?

Do you let your ego write checks your body can’t cash… or do you remember what you are beneath the mask?

Do you face the dying of versions of ego-self, or do you hold on fearfully for the life of an illusion?

This is your fundamental choice, the choice that determines the quality of your life and the power of your leadership.

Here are 5 ways you can practice every day to help you step into super-conscious leadership.

Open the doors of perception.

Frist thing in the morning

Each morning you have a choice to be projected into the external world of reactivity and polarity (by picking up your phone going straight into busy mode)…

…or to go inward to the place of unified wholeness.

Tune in with yourself, speak to your highest self, meditate, listen to the birds, ask the deep questions.

Above all remember that you honour the deepest parts of yourself by choosing to be with them. This is the foundation of self-respect. Start your day sacredly… and witness what emerges.

My consistent waking up practice takes place silently and motionless in the 2-3 minutes after I emerge from sleep state. In this liminal state I choose vibrations and visions of the highest order. As I hover on the fringes of sleep state, I tenderly nourish my spirit with sweetness, support and encouragement.

I thank myself for incarnating, tap into the field of infinite possibility and rest in awe of the holographic universe that I manifest and play in… and AM.  

Before starting work/ projects/ reading/ writing:

When you embark upon a project from a state of fragmentation you give only a part of yourself to your work. Come home to your wholeness before writing, responding, planning or creating.

I have a simple ritual before the laptop is opened: Time by Hans Zimmer goes on… I drop into meditative deep breathing… I expand… and I contract, releasing everything in my mind.

I come home to my true self… and in doing so I honour my work by giving it my full presence.

(The Flow Session System is designed to drop you deeply into presence.)

Before eating:

Our beautiful earth has provided such abundance. Do we really need 17 varieties of mango, thousands of types of corn, potatoes, fish, birds, humans, creatures and plants?

What outrageous miracle provided flavours for all the senses that “zing” and “yum” beyond our wildest imaginations?

We interface with pure abundance every day- do we do this with our full presence? Meal times are a beautiful opportunity to bring in the sacred, and to come home to wholeness. 

I choose to come into presence and give a single breath charged up with gratitude, honour and love to the food I eat.

Before conversations or meetings with friends/ colleagues: 

I have found myself being with friends in a place of distraction because my busy mind is feeling something that prevents itself from letting go.

This is a profound dis-honouring of my true self that I work to address. (Instant image of a Samurai saying: “I dis-honour myself”,  before slicing his belly open to get back his honour. 🤣 😱)

Yesterday I had a vision session/ meeting with a colleague. We had pens, post-it notes and big sheets of paper all laid out. But before we got going… we dropped into meditation, and I played the flute. 

We immediately came out of fragmentedness, and into wholeness. We dropped away the energetic debris of traffic, loose ends, random thoughts and plans.

We surrendered all the tendrils of the mind, emptied the cup and came home to wholeness. We honoured ourselves, each other and life itself… through the gift of our total presence. 

What flowed was a profound dialogue from which visions emerged from the implicate order/ field of interconnected consciousness. We didn’t need to think: we had tapped in to the place below thinking. 

Before sleeping:

How do you choose to honour the transition from waking state to the dream world? The journey across this threshold is a ripe opportunity to come home to wholeness.

No doubt your day has been full of people, places, activity, thoughts, emotions and all kinds of stuff.

Do we want to take all of this across the threshold into the subconscious/ ethereal dream world? We sure as hell don’t need that baggage where we are going.

Why not drop it off and travel lightly on your journey out of the thinking mind, and into wholeness? 

Prepare for sleep as though preparing for a sacred journey. Your dreams and quality of sleep will transform, because you are preparing yourself to re-connect with wholeness. 

These are a few simple ideas: as you choose over and over again to come home to presence and being… eventually it becomes a default state- life becomes ceremony.

You live in the flow of life and rise up as a super-conscious leader. You initiate as a warrior in service of life itself.

I lead deep dives into consciousness that lead to exponential personal growth. If you’re the founder of a company with limitless potential to disrupt or shift an old-paradigm, contact me.

Feeling called into a Vision Quest?

I’m taking early applications for a Vision Quest experience. This will be a potent immersion into wholeness. The removal of all distractions, including other people and food allows for the purest of connections with nature. . If you feel the call, get in touch.

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