A Sacred Surf Quest

Unleash your inner power & experience deep flow with your hosts Jiro Taylor & Bodhi Whitaker


June 10-19, 2019

Mentawai Islands, Indonesia



We are inviting 6 surfers to join us in surfers nirvana, on this Sacred Quest to learn the Art of Living in Flow.

For 9 days, we are dropping into flow on a private, tropical island sanctuary nestled amongst the palm trees in the most wave rich zone on earth.

Who’s invited? If you know surfing is sacred, the ocean is your temple and sliding along raw energy is your meditation and life’s blessing…. we’re inviting YOU.

Connect with the Ocean

We have access to a number of quality breaks, all within a short boat ride of the Island.. and one right out the front.

Find Flow in Paradise

Stay in a hand-crafted, traditionally inspired Bungalow built from recycled timbers and driftwood, featuring fixtures left over from Dutch fishing vessels.

Get off-Grid

Experience the closest you’ll get to being ship wrecked on a tropical island but with all the modern comforts and great waves on your doorstep…



You wake up to the sound of the waves crashing on the reef.

You run outside for the first surf-check of many.

We drop into our morning ritual of meditation, breathing and playful movement as the sun rises over the ocean.

We collectively imagine the most joyful day we could possibly live… and fuel up before heading out to surf.

We surf until we can’t surf no more.

Waves that you’ve dreamed about. Sublime moments of embodied bliss, as you race across crystal clear, turquoise water. You catch about 7 “last waves” before the yearning for food calls you in.

We eat together… everything a beautiful ritual… before hitting the hammock.

Siesta time. Zzzzzz

You awaken to the sounds of tropical birds. The waves are calling: “Come play”.

Bodhi, our very own rhythmical flow-master, surf coach Jedi is guiding, encouraging, inspiring and teaching how to progress, commit and develop as a wave rider.

This is what you have dreamed of.

Supportive vibes. So many waves! So much wave time. So many opportunities to improve, refine your style, to go beyond your comfort zone… and come into harmony with the rhythms of yourself and the ocean.

Shoulders aching, cheeks sore from smiling so hard you call it a day and paddle in… knowing that the day has only just begun…

As the sun sets over the horizon… the realisation dawns on you that we are alone on this tropical island.. and we are here for nothing but joy, freedom, adventure, exploration and flow.

You can’t stop laughing… because your current reality is ridiculously amazing.

That evening we feast… and then we immerse into jam-sessions.

Your hosts, Jiro and Bodhi hold space for you to kick back and soak it all in.

You learn wisdom from ancient traditions, the science of flow, techniques and nuggets passed down from masters… you learn about the world of living energy you exist within.


Over the 9 days learn how to refine your mind to come into coherence with natural flow.

You feel at peace. The rest of the world melts away as we co-create our sanctuary, settle into a sweet rhythm, surrounded by abundance, instruments, surfboards, conscious humans and epic conversations.

We honour ourselves, each other and the mystical intelligence of source that conspired to create a universe in which we can surf conversations, consciousness… and beautiful waves… all in one day. 🌊😆

The hike, the swim, the chats, the laughter, the hugs the new friendships, just meeting other warriors. The Flow Quest was a beautiful, deep and sacred adventure into the unknown.

Colin HewittTech Founder

The space held by this group made it so easy to drop into flow, and enabling the deepest and most profound levels of self exploration. The Flow Quest was a life-changing exploration of self, a journey to honour the beauty of life in the most raw and authentic manner.

Leslie LauWisdom-seeker

The week was phenomenal. Your delivery of the information was clear and concise, well presented, easily digested and FRESH. I love the blend of modern science with traditional philosophy.

Alexandra MurcottArtist, Designer & Entrepreneur

Business training and surfing in the Maldives. Work hard play hard mixed as one. My type of learning and development. Thanks for the adventure, the memories, new ideas, inspiration, pumping surf, recharge, laughs and most of all new friends.

Chris HassonReal Estate Entrepreneur

Amazing experience guys- well done! You guys have a fantastic dynamic, sense of humour and are experts on your subjects.

Patrick MooreInternational Man of Mystery

Jiro is a force of nature. If you want inner growth, work with him and go on a FlowQuest!.

Adam PurvisFounder of Future X Innovation

Love Surfing?

First and foremost we are here to surf. We imagine surfing at least 6 hours a day. You are free to do as you please. The surf is world-class, consistent and varied. There are waves right out front. We have a private boat to take us to other waves. There are “intermediate” friendly waves… and hollow racers for the more advanced surfers.

If you are comfortable in over-head surf, can duck-dive, can swim, can ride along an un-broken wave… and you have the fitness and desire to level up… you make the cut.

Please note- This is not a place to learn how to surf. We have other retreats for non-surfers and beginners.

Itching to Move?

Bodhi and Jiro are both schooled in various ancient movement traditions.. including yoga, Qi Gong, tree-climbing… and are both rebelliously committed to making shit up on the fly.

We guide you into natural play, the kind that just FEELS juicy, organic and expansive. As we are surfing A LOT…. it’s crucial to prepare the body and nourish the body. We’ll help you do that, so you can feel limber as a yogic dolphin in the surf.

You will learn all about embodied cognition, and how to enter the Temple of Limitless Flow Experience…aka, your body.

Wanna Jam?

Just like all tribal flow masters, we love jamming. On artistic ideas, global visions for consciousness expansion…. and yeah… how fully sick the waves are.

But also we hold space for the collective jamming on the more subtle dimensions of life. We access flow through authentic communication. We create flow through rhythm, and we are never far away from a beat and a rhyme. If you can bang 2 sticks together, you’re in the band.

Frothing to Flow?

The Art of Living in Flow is the art of turning life into one un-ending ceremony. On most surf trips, you surf, then crack open the beers until sleep… and repeat. This is awesome… but what happens when more sacredness is invited in? What happens when we honour rituals and bring more consciousness into every moment? What happens when we turn surfing into moving meditation? What happens when we become one with nature?

What will you go home with?

  • Greater confidence and courage in the water and on land.
  • The practical skills to thrive in a world of living energy
  • The desire to speak your truth and share your gifts with the world
  • A deeper connection to your body’s wisdom
  • A deeper connection with the ocean, nature and yourself
  • The cellular remembrance of pure existence without conditions for joy


Jiro is an artist, truth-seeking catalyst and a teacher of modern flow. After 7 years in the corporate world, locked within the dark prison of self-limitation and fear, Jiro broke free and imagined a new reality of living in flow with the natural cycles of the universe.

He is now living this dream of service and play, and takes along for the ride a community of global-flow-seekers, CEOs of purpose-driven companies and leaders of organisations that want to lead the shift into the new paradigm of regenerative business. He also LOVES to surf.


Bodhi is a freestyling, rhythmical flow master who dedicates his life to helping others come alive. After a childhood and youth spent surfing competitively, Bodhi found a new kind of inner rhythm through movement, singing, music and deep connections.

He is now a full-time joy-maker and freedom catalyst, passionate about helping young and old feel truly alive and in flow.

As the co-founder of Breathe Project, Bodhi is on a mission to disrupt the education system from within, and teach students and teachers how to connect with inner power and innate wisdom.


US $4,888

This includes:

- All hotels and accomodation from arrival in Padang, Sumatra
- All food and non-alcoholic drinks
- All play and surf activities
- All local surf access
- Mentawaii surf tax
- All transfers

Just arrange your flights to Indo, get your own insurance, and bring enough money for beers and tips. Everything else is covered.


** Boat to waves further afield is an optional extra