Flowstate Core Team

Jiro Taylor

Jiro Taylor

Jiro is the founder of Flowstate, host of FlowTribe and the Flowstate Performance Podcast.

He has spent the last 5 years working closely with private clients by referral only, both in 1-1 contexts and in small intensives for curated groups.

Jiro has an extensive background of deep explorations in meditation, contemplative traditions, self-development, business strategy, nature connection, embodiment practices and breath work.

He works privately with high performing entrepreneurs, CEO’s and start-up founders as a creative strategy coach, mentor and consultant and is known as one of the most effective intuitive mentors in the flow and purpose driven business space.

Flowstate Catalysts

Ilana Wetzler

Ilana Wetzler

Ilana has spent the last decade on an incredible adventure while traveling the world facilitating projects in transformation on individual, collective & systemic levels.

She coaches high impact leaders and philanthropists to co-create and support the current global shift we are going through.

Working as a facilitator, coach and speaker and a catalyst for unlearning fear and remembering love, her current projects are Conspire, FlowTribe, Create Meaning & the CoCreation Loft.

She finds flow in leaning into grace, playing with magic, going on crazy adventures, being in deep stillness & rolling about with as many animals and humans as she can.


Steffen Stauber

Steffen Stauber

Steffen is an enigmatic fusion of creative strategist, spiritual explorer and purpose driven change catalyst.

He combines expertise in communication, design, branding and technology to help companies to bridge the gap between ideas, strategy and new business solutions.

After over 10 years in business he decided to quit his great job as Managing Partner at a consulting boutique and start a journey around the world to explore the future of business.

This journey took Steffen from ashrams to start ups, from conversations with indigenous elders, gurus and countless other leaders and entrepreneurs he met on his quest to understand how to create meaning through life and business.

Steffen runs the agency Create Meaning, and also the Co-Creation loft in Berlin, a hub of conscious business and creativity.


Giles Hutchins

Giles Hutchins

In these transformational times, Giles Hutchins stimulates the head-space and heart-knowing for forward-leaning leaders and organisations to become vibrant, purposeful and future-fit.  The 20th century organisation-as-machine logic is giving way to the 21st century organisation-as-living-system which revolutionises how we lead and operate.

Giles is a pioneering practitioner, keynote speaker and executive coach at the fore-front of this necessary revolution.  He applies advanced consciousness raising techniques, deep-dive nature immersions, embodiment work, ancient wisdom tradition insights, and cutting edge research on leadership consciousness.

Previously Global Head of Sustainability for the multinational technology provider Atos, and Business Transformation Lead for KPMG Consulting, he is also co-founder of Biomimicry for Creative Innovation and Chairman of the Future Fit Leadership Academy.

He has been interviewed by the BBC, and contributes to a variety of global networks and institutions.  He blogs at www.thenatureofbusiness.org and is author of The Nature of Business (2012), The Illusion of Separation (2014) and Future Fit (2016).


Philipp Eibach

Philipp Eibach

Philipp is an designer, artist, entrepreneur and student of life

Currently based in Berlin, Philipp studied design, management and media art  and has always worked at the intersection of these fields.

He immersed in the tech start-up world by spinning off from the  innovation lab of Germany’s biggest telco company, and creating  a mobile music service for co-listening.

He was awarded as one of Germany’s top innovators, the company was acquired by US company… which led Philipp to a stint in corporate management in Miami. Which sucked.

Craving real connections and creative expression he headed back to Berlin for conscious recalibration, and dived into various art projects, contemplation and deep self-enquiry.

He has recently launched his own design studio rlon with basecamps in Berlin and Bali. His focus is on the creation of objects and narratives that inspire new ways of thinking by suggesting new models and interactions.

Philipp joins the Flowstate family to provide creative inspiration, and be part of the movement to co-create a more flowy world.

Hannes Bend

Hannes Bend

Hannes co-created virtual reality biofeedback projects based upon visual stimuli and meditation studies at the Institute of Neuroscience (University of Oregon).

These were presented at international museums and conferences. At Stanford University, Hannes won the presentation award in the panel “Well-Being Computing: AI meets Health and Happiness Science” at the AAAI Spring Symposia 2016.

Currently, Hannes and team integrate breath sensors with AI into everyday screen-based interactions for personalized design and user experiences.

He also guides breathing, yoga and meditation sessions, inspired by Tibetan practices and his friend Wim Hof’s practices. Hannes’ journey is a healing from birth trauma/cerebral palsy/projected wheelchair and decades of depression through physical exercises but mainly contemplative practices.

His belief is that the ‘trick’ to healing, growth and flow is to add (sub-)conscious breath awareness into technological interactions and embodied experiences.

He joins the Flowstate team to co-create projects and momentum that catalyse a world in flow.

Nick Dawe

Nick Dawe

Nick as an elite athlete, trainer and chiropractor specialising in rehabilitation.

As part of the Flowstate/ FlowTribe family, he will get involved in live events and retreats, and offer his considerable wisdom on human optimization and peak performance.

Projects: Co-Founder of The Red Hippo, Co-Founder of OOV education,  Co-Founder of ALTR therapies

Super Power: Understanding that the body works on information and giving the right information to myself and others.

Purpose: To walk the talk regarding health and lifestyle and to invite others along for the ride.

Peak: Downwind paddling in storm swells. The serenity internally contrasting with the tumultuousness and power of the outside.

The Flow Session System™

Follow this 5 step system to achieve flow states on demand and turn on your full creative and visionary fire-power.



  • Receive a new practice every day for 22 days
  • Learn new breath & meditation techniques
  • Develop new habits that lead to higher performance