Introducing The Flowstate Performance Podcast, Jiro Taylor and Steve Hord discuss how this will deliver maximum inspiration and ideas for you to achieve states of flow and peak performance. In this short episode we explain what the show is about, how and why it will be awesome and helpful for those looking for more flow in life! We will be releasing exclusive interviews with peak performers in various fields on Mondays, and offering shorter “Flow Nuggets” on Fridays.

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In the episode:

  • 00: What this is about in a nutshell
  • 20: How to live a life of flow
  • 40: How Jiro began his flow journey
  • 09: What connects meditation, psychology, peak performance, surfing, adventure, psychedelics, adventures..
  • 55: Flow is about your state of consciousness, and therefore about everything in life
  • 09: As Steve Kotler says: “Flow creates flow”
  • 13: Designing life around flow
  • 30: Chained to a desk, in a skyscraper, to responsibility, living someone else’s version of success
  • 15: Steve felt trapped and enslaved to society
  • 30: Flow is what keeps you evolving


Epic quote:

“Most of all this is going to be real… because we’re actually designing our lives around flow.” [Click to Tweet]


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Download the PDF Transcription


Jiro: Welcome to the Flowstate Performance Podcast, I am Jiro Taylor – and I am Steve Hord. Alright this is show 000, this is our chance to tell you exactly who we are, why are we doing this, what the value is going to be for you guys and why you don’t want to miss this show.
Steve: Yep, Flowstate Performance is going to be epic, as Jiro says, this is episode 000, we’re just doing a quick info of who we are, what we’re about, what you can hope to achieve from it, and where you can follow us from here.

Jiro: Cool man. So Steve, please explain to us what The Flowstate Performance Podcast is in a nutshell.

Steve: Cool man. So basically we’ve created this podcast for entrepreneurs, health enthusiasts, adventurers, other trainers, creatives and all other types of flow seekers. It’s for anyone who dreams to achieve self-mastery and thrive in their life.

Jiro: Awesome. And so, I’ll give some background on how this podcast came to be. We basically set up Flowstate Performance about a year ago and we’re a community and business.

We lead adventures retreats all around the world that blend things like surfing, mountain biking, snowboarding with internal states – training the mind, tapping into flow, learning about meditation, mindfulness and really it’s all about unlocking full human potential.

So we’re expanding Flowstate, we want to reach as many people as possible. We really want to connect to community of people who are driven to tune into their own flow and that’s really the background and the genesis for this Flowstate Performance Podcast.

So, Steve is going to talk a little bit about what flow means to him and how he came to be a flow seeker.

Steve: Cheers bro, I think flow for me started off in multiple areas in my life. Where we really got a kick start is in my base jumping. And I don’t associate myself as this epic, red bull athlete, anything like that but what it’s done for me is it allow me to drive myself into the now.

It’s a short cut through meditation and things like that, you achieve after so many years, or an hour – two hour meditations where everything is one. For me base jumping just brings me straight there. And what’s that allow me to do is realize what’s possible, realize that potential, where we can go from there? Where other areas of my life can I put that into?

Then I thought, well I’m going to put it into my surfing. I’m a crap surfer but that’s irrelevant..I’m bringing flow to that so now I’ve got another facet.

And then I brought it into my skating, then I bring it into my writing, my blog posting, and now I’m bringing it into my relationship… yeah I’ve just started seeing someone and that’s going good too… haha.

Jiro: So what do you mean by that? When you talk about putting the Flowstate into your relationship or into your eating, what do you mean by that?

Steve: Yeah so, putting flow into it a means where you’re running on intuition, you’re running on the good vibes, on that feeling that what you’re doing is working, and tapping into that higher self, everything is just rolling together and you can’t put a foot wrong.

And so what we’re about here is creating that flow state. And I’m curious man, where do you find yours?

Jiro: Yeah. Cool man. For me it’s been a lifelong journey I guess but really I started exploring more about this optimal state of mind when I started surfing and snowboarding when I was a teenager.

I guess I spent most of my early teens not really tuning in to many states of flow. And then when I discovered this sport when I was sliding down mountains, or sliding along waves, it’s was like-  ‘what the hell is going on, this is another realm of existence’.

Fast forward a few years I learned all about meditation, and I studied meditation with Zen Buddhists and I started reading a lot about psychology, I started reading a lot about neuroscience and peak performance and really where I’ve learned most about flow is in the waves, in the ocean-surfing.

And also writing, and also on top of mountains, and also sat next to monks. That’s what flow is to me:  It’s tying all those things together, it’s joining the dots. So, yeah I guess that’s my quick background about finding flow and it’s been an interesting journey that’s taken me across adventure into academia into studying books and talking to awesome people and going on retreats and experimenting with psychedelics and all sorts of interesting avenues… because flow is about your state of consciousness.

And when you’re experimenting with consciousness, it encapsulates the totality of your life. There is not one thing in your life that cannot fall into this realm.

Steve: That’s it buddy, and as Steve Kotler says, “flow creates flow.”

Jiro: That’s it boy, that’s it. So this is what we’re going to be talking about guys. This is what we’re going to be talking about on the Flowstate Performance Podcast. We’re going to get in a states of flow, we’re going to talk to epic people who have different ways of getting into flow… and this is about, as you can tell, a different form of peak performance, this isn’t a sort of dry peak performance.

This is a kind and type of performance that really cuts to the core of who you are as a human.

So, what can people take away from this podcast Stevo?

Steve: Yeah mate. The reason we created this was for these entrepreneurs, these health enthusiast, these avid trainers. Anyone that is aspiring to get more out of their life. We designed this for you guys so we’re going to be giving you little flow nuggets and that’s going to be delivered on Monday and inspire you for the week.

And then we’re going to give you “flowsations” and that’s on Fridays and that’s going to pump you up for the weekend and you a couple of fresh ideas and give you some information, they’re going to be in depth.

So on the interviews we delve into other people that are key performers in their field. So we talk to meditation experts, we’re also talking to what we call flow seekers, we’re talking to entrepreneurs, nutritional people.. all sorts.

Jiro: That’s it, talking to entrepreneurs, artists, adventurers, and peak performers across all different realms. So that’s Monday – flow nuggets. It’s like condensed wisdom designed to get you into a flow state to get you going during the week.

And then on Fridays when you’re a bit more cruisy, a bit more chilled out, you’re looking forward for the weekend, you settle down in the armchair with a nice whatever glass of coffee, or whiskey and just tune in to our flow-sation’s which is just conversations with epic people.

Steve: That’s awesome. What do you reckon if they don’t listen to this? What’s up? Is this for everyone?

Jiro: No, it’s not for everyone, no. you definitely should not listen to this show if you don’t care about being your greatest self. Just don’t tune in, because you’re not going to find it interesting.

Don’t listen to this show if you think that an idea of a fantastic weekend is sitting in front of the TV. And don’t tune into this show if you don’t care about any of what we just talked about.
Steve: Haha! So what it sounds like whose left are the people that are always aspiring for more. They know that there’s more out there, they’ve outgrown their friend circles, they’ve outgrown their work circles, they’re bored in their job.

They like,  man I’ve gotta get outa this 9 til 5 crap..  I need to evolve. I need to start following these little beliefs, these little moments of flow that I have. Whether you’re out surfing, or skating, slack-lining,  or whatever the hell it is. Playing chess, it doesn’t matter but you realize there is more that you want to create that in your life.

Jiro: Yeah that’s right man. Most of all this is going to be real… because Steve and I, were living this life right now we’re actually designing our lives around flow.

We do amazing shit, we do, and we have amazing lives. On Sunday we’re going to Maldives to go on a surf trip on this ridiculous boat. We’re going to be free diving, surfing, training the mind and doing all sorts of cool stuff, and this is our life, but it hasn’t always been this way.

And personally you’ll learn more about this story as you tune in more to this podcast. But my journey has been, my whole twenties was a struggle.

I worked in a corporate world, I spent years in a suit, and I worked in a sky scraper chained to my desk, chained to my phone, chained to responsibility.

Basically living as someone else’s version of  success. You do anything of that shit Steve?

Steve: Yeah, I was just going over your story in my mind, and it just resonates with me completely. I’m 27 now and I started as an electrician, working 6-7 days a week…thinking is this it? Is this it? Everyone is looking at you, your family is looking at you, asking when are you getting married? When are you getting that white picket fence and a couple of kids?

And there’s nothing wrong with that, if that’s what you want… but I felt trapped, I felt enslaved to society. And it’s not until you hit your lowest low, your breaking point, where your just like “oh my God it’s now or never” that you break free and you realize that flow was your answer.

Flow is what’s going to keep you evolving. Flow is going to get you into that next stage.

Jiro: That it guys, so tune in if this resonates with you, it’s all about condensing wisdom, and it’s all about giving actionable strategies. We’re not just going to be waffling on, talking about flow states and all the amazing shit that we do.

It’s not about that, it’s about speaking to the leaders in their fields. Speaking to people that have spent years immersing themselves in the areas in which they exhibit their flow state, their state of peak performance and learning from that.

Because there’s so much knowledge out there as you know, you’re a go getter, you’re an ambitious person, you constantly want to be learning, there’s just not enough hours in the day, to eat, sleep, learn and do all that sort of stuff.

That’s what the nuggets are about, and that all the flowsations are all about. We’re just going to package it all nice for you guys so you can feel it, can live it.

Steve: It’s going to be awesome stuff guys. Hey Jiro, where can these epic flow seekers can find about us.

Jiro: Cool, so the website is where you’ll checkout everything. You will learn all about our creations, we’re both writers, we’re going to be making a lot of video content, we’re going to be doing these podcasts, and we’re going to be launching a community which is going to be the flow state performance community and that’s basically a global community for flow seekers. I think we’ve pretty much described who they are.

Steve: You’re going to know if you’ll want to be part of this program or not. This takes you to the up and coming and it’s going to be awesome I guarantee you.

Jiro: Cool guys we’ll leave it there but thanks for listening and don’t forget to tune in to the Flowstate performance Podcast. Make sure when you listen, you go in iTunes and you rate that shit really well, it really helps us out.

Steve: Thanks guys see you.


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