Rhyn Nasser is absolute legend of a man. He has had a profound impact on my life. He is is a Kung­Fu master, Qi Gong expert, and coach to 7­-figure entrepreneurs. In this episode we dive into how we can build our internal force (our chi) to create the external realities and results we desire.

Stick around to the end, as we explore an alternative definition of the flow state. We also learn about how to tune into your peak performance and purpose, and distill thousands of years of ancient practice and philosophy into 6 words that could change your life forever.

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DOWNLOAD TRANSCRIPT    In the episode:

  • 1:48 Lucia Light Machine­ accessing your higher self, through light/sound therapy
  • 2:24:­ Rhyn travels around meeting grand masters in China
  • 08:15: ­How to Find one’s Master
  • 9:45: Overcoming insecurities
  • 12:40: The minds biggest addiction: Polarity
  • 14:00: Magical Journey of entrepreneurship
  • 14.32: Flow state means being committed to what you love
  • 19.45 Hot and cold system
  • 24:46: Dropping a 16kg stone on a master
  • 26:40 How Shaolin monks do it
  • 28:36: How eastern systems and thought can influence western, modern entrepreneurship and business
  • 31:00 Qi/ Chi and the law of attraction
  • 36:47: Why work with the big guys? The influencers?

Epic quotes from Rhyn Nasser:

  •  “Flow state means being committed to what you love” [Tweet This]
  • “Shaolin monks: smacking the iron bar on the head and shattering that, like that’s legit.” [Tweet This]
  • “Simple formula is raise your Chi and then raise all the good events in your life.” [Tweet This]
  • “When we raise our Chi we raise our vibration.. which attracts the right people at the right time, more green lights or record breaking sales in your business” [Tweet This]
  • “If it feels good and it makes you feel good then just do more of that.” [Tweet This]
  • “There’s no more need for war anymore, we’ve got such a great opportunity in front of everyone now to create ideas and to collaborate with people all over the globe. It’s definitely time for a massive shift.” [Tweet This]

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Jiro: We’re here today with Rhyn Nasser who is a coach for entrepreneurs – 7 figure entrepreneurs. He’s also a guy that I have studied with. I was lucky enough to be on one of Rhyn’s courses and it was an epic experience. An 8 week course where we really dove into Chi Gong, Productivity, manifestation. Im stoked to have Rhyn here on this Podcast today because he’s got a very interesting view on peak performance. He’s very much influenced by eastern philosophy and the internal martial arts particularly over in China. Today we’re going to dive into talking about Rhyn’s perspective on performance and the lessons that he’s learned from delving deep into the philosophy of the east. So Rhyn welcome.

Rhyn: Thank you Jiro, it’s an absolute pleasure to be here and thanks for the very lovely introduction, I really appreciate it.

Jiro: No worries mate. First of all, how’s your day?

Rhyn: Yeah it’s been an amazing day. I just recently came out from a Lucia Light session and I was teaching a NeiGong student just prior to that who has a Lucia Light machine so I taught her some NeiGong and then we jumped straight into a Lucia Light machine. Absolutely fantastic.

Jiro: You have to talk to us about what that is man?

Rhyn: Basically it’s a light that you sit underneath and it’s from an Austrian Scientist I believe. They came up with a theory that when we have near death experience, apparently that activates every cell in the body. Essentially what it does is it stimulates and activates the pineal gland and you get a sense of connecting to your higher self. I have had about 4 sessions now and the first one was absolutely incredible. I saw geometric like patterns in my third eye and a whole different bunch of bunch of experiences but the best way I can describe is you go into your higher self and process a lot of the – particularly if you’re an entrepreneur, or you’re a go getter and you continually have a lot of questions on your mind – when you go to a higher space you can actually quickly find answers, and for me it sort of completed the questions that I had on my mind in a really fast way. So I could actually download them into my physical body it felt like, and after that yeah I’m really clear now on what I need to do and it was on a different level, because I think I’m pretty clear with my rituals and my meditation as it is but that just really seem to take it to another level. I think that is the best way to can sum it up.

Jiro: How do you interface, how do you engage with this machine?

Rhyn: Basically we lie down and basically she also lies down next to me as well. Basically she says she would gladly help me into a deeper place I’ve ever been and then I do on my own as well. And then they turn on some light in the background, some music in the background, there’s a few programs you can set it on. We’ve done elimination today, we’ve done growth and we’ve done a couple of other ones as well. So they are sent to a different frequency of light I believe and also sound, and their designed to take in on different levels so there is one day we’ve done a more of like a stronger program and then we step it down to more of a medium when we’ve done two in a row just to sort of experience it. I really find it incredible, I just find it very deeply therapeutic and relaxing, I suppose, as a process to go through. It’s definitely like meditation but I’m not really sure where we can actually place it.

Jiro: Interesting, okay, cool. Can you just say the name of what this thing is again?

Rhyn: Lucia Light

Jiro: I’ll put a link on the show notes right next to it that­ sounds like interesting stuff. Rhyn let’s just go back a little bit further, talk about your background, how did you end up, because I know that you ended up there in China to study. Just give me an idea of your upbringing and how you came about to make a decision to study in China?

Rhyn: I guess to sum it up, I suppose my background was both my parents were business entrepreneur related. My dad had, like, a hotel and my mom in a travel agency. They separated quite young because they were both driven by their business as you know in different locations. Then I got deeply in the hospitality industry and I met like a kung Fu teacher on the journey and I was too shy to even go to a class but he was teaching me one on one. I’ve done very well sort of in the property market and I had a stage where a bank will loan me a lot of money if I wanted to just based on the equity of my properties and I was considered as a successful financially, I had the houses, I had a nice car, beautiful girlfriend, all of those things but I was always getting into Qi gong and internal martial arts and a bigger question arose from within. To cut a long story short, my journey came down to if I want to progress in this materialistic path and key of success and what everyone else term success, you know, I have the car, I have the money, I had a beautiful girlfriend, stuff like that. Or do I want to go on in this quest for internal journey. The deeper questions that were sort of coming out to my Qigong practice.

And to be honest the drive was too strong that I ended up just quitting my job and moving over to China and to live on the base of the mountains with Shaolin Monks. I went into actually selling my house so I can fulfill that dream. I think I spent 7 years in China.

Jiro: Wow you really went for it, you didn’t just get a plane ticket, go and check it out see if you like it. You basically left your job, sold your house, and moved to a mountain.

Rhyn: Yeah, pretty much. I founded a business called “Study martial arts”. I was reading a lot of books around aligning your business with your passion which is what everyone is about these days but I think it was about 2006 or 2007 that seem to be like a new movement. Like get a business that is in line with your passion and things like that. So I really asked that questions around on what that was and I think at that stage in my life it was martial arts and it was about helping other westerners find the right Masters because at that stage there’s always great Kung Fu masters in China and eager to pass on their skills. Because the economy is so strong now and they are more of an opportunists Culture, they are interested in making money, as for about 200 years, they really haven’t had that opportunity. So, there’s always great masters with these amazing skills and in the west of you’ve got a very comfortable background and we’re more interested in our developing spiritual qualities, higher states of flow or improving our productivity or connecting ourselves, mind, body and soul. Whereas in China, youth are more interested in going for it and setting themselves up which is totally cool too. But I just meant that there are all of these great masters that wanted to pass on skills. So we set up studymartialarts.org for martial arts that will help people from the west find Kung Fu masters, and also help the Kung Fu masters or Chi gong masters find students more easily. So that and they will need to meet a whole lot of masters, they could travel around China and particularly try for some Kung Fu master that I get to meet a lot of different masters. I think the saying is blessed is the person who has a lot of great teachers. I don’t say that to be cocky or anything like that but I have a lot of gratitude and appreciation to them because they pass on, they transmit a light or an energy to you and they are really inspirational people who have dedicated their lives to these practices. They are going to be part of why I am successful in my business is because of them. Or the success of my clients is purely because of them. I feel like I am getting a little emotional right now, full of gratitude towards them.

Jiro: When I think about this, because I’ve always had this thing about finding my master and in the Hollywood version like Daniel San just stumbles across Mr Miyagi by accident, in The Way of The Peaceful Warrior -Dan Millman’s book is the same thing and so many other kinds of books as well. So how does one go about finding one’s master?

Rhyn: I believe in following your heart and following your gut as well. Your mind will lead you to the clues, but your mind, if you haven’t broken down to your source and really connect to that deeper space which is you, then you’re going to be more influenced by what – your mom, or your dad tells you or your friends tells you. Your source is telling you what you should do and if you really can honor that space, even if you have to start small, you do a small yoga workshop or Qi Gong Workshop, or do like a retreat somewhere and then I will expand your ability to communicate to that source and then these answers will come out. It starts small if you need to but if you really feel a bit going for it, just absolutely go for it. If you feel like it’s strong enough then follow it. Because the worst case scenario is you’re going to leave with peace of mind. I remember wanting to be an actor about 3 years ago on my journey of martial arts and I thought martial arts was going to lead me there towards the end but I was too shy to even say I wanted to be an actor. I had deep insecurities, I worried about what other people thought and then one day I realized man I’m going to go for this otherwise it’s going to be 10 years later down the track. And if I do it, that’s going to really bug me, I don’t really want to have any regrets. So I decide to commit to being an actor and in the process I dissolved the actual need. I actually met Dianna Inosanto who’s Dan Inosanto’s Daughter, she’s a really lovely martial artist and a lovely person. And her husband Ron, he was one of Dan Insantos top students. They do a lot of stunt work with Hollywood actors and do the fight. And I never resist the people who had the opportunity to progress in that part. I went to New York film academy as well to check it out and then the desire actually melted away and in the process the biggest thing I got from that is the peace of mind. There’s no longer the urge at the back of my mind. I got the urge of getting the itch of training or finding a master. Just go and do the thing and if it doesn’t work out, it will give you peace of mind and you won’t have any regrets. Otherwise, I guarantee you later on you’ll be thinking I wish that I had or I wish I would have done this or now you have the opportunity. Or you start to realize you’re really good at it and you have a talent at it and you go damn something was telling me to do this years ago.

You don’t have to dive deep into it, you can just start at small. I just got a book on my kindle and I just started reading about acting. I was too busy doing things at the time that at least I recognized that there was a calling and I just started lightly. And then that lead me into slightly progressing till the desire melt away.

Jiro: So just getting back to this finding your master. Did you have an idea where you were headed when you landed in China? 39534_10150267554670184_6468374_n

Rhyn: I’ve done some research on a website. I went to an area which is basically the birth place of Daoism. So I did a bit of a research because I jumped in and basically just paste the picture together. I don’t know if you read the book by Mark Bernard, Jump in and Just Do it I think it’s called. I just basically jumped in and just met masters and then connected and if anyone asked if they know another master and just kept going up to the ground to see if there was any other interesting opportunities and just power them up.

Jiro: Cool man. What I’m hearing is that commitment, you know, the difference between sitting up and thinking about going to China or going somewhere to commit to something vs on one hand you’re just sitting there, googling stuff. Chinese monasteries or how do I find a master vs the idea of just booking a ticket and just landing there. One is hesitant, one is analytical, intellectual thinking about the whole thing, and the other one is just driven by a heart where you’re just like, man I’m doing this. It’s like a totally different type of energy and commitment.

Ryan: Yeah, you will have those thoughts as well and the biggest addiction the mind that has the addiction to polarity. Like wanting money, not wanting money, wanting success, not wanting success, wanting to do this business, not wanting to do this business. So you commit with the path and that’s probably the biggest challenge all entrepreneurs have while almost all people only have in their mind is this addiction, addicted to the polarity of things. So that’s why it’s important to learn meditation or connect and get more grounded with your practices. And with Qigong we really get down to the ground so we feel really stable and sort of strong and I think that’s just important because you’re going to have the doubts. I’ve given up on my business, now I think we’ll launch it in November­ probably about 5 or 6 times. But it’s not like I’m giving up, I’m giving up. Letting go of the resistance of mine that’s telling me do you really want to do this, okay fine I give up and then I just, I minute later I’m back and I release the energy and I’m back to full commitment again. Now I don’t really do that anymore. My heart is fully seeded in its place but I think when we really progress through the levels of entrepreneurship and a book that comes to mind that my friend just wrote, Monty Hooke, called the Business Hacker and he talks about the 6 levels of entrepreneurship. Yeah I just think as you progress on that journey, you’re going to have that wanting to do this, not wanting to do that, and I think having some practice like meditation and things that get you into flow state is going to require that mind and you just get in that zone where interest is oozing. You’re just in perfect harmony with your vision and your dream, and a lot of people circumstances and events just flow into your life which is… and it makes it magical rather than just a mental journey, you’re in a magical journey.

Jiro: Yeah absolutely man. You mention flow state there, and flow state is obviously a founding principle or something we’re very interested in at Flowstate Performance, what does it mean to you?

Rhyn: For me flow state means being committed to what you love and in that commitment there’s a level of clarity or deep faith or belief and it enables you to get into a state of ease and love of what you do. There’s a synchronicity. If you’re committing to build a business or you’re committing to getting the best shape in your life, it really does become like a magical journey with the right people information and events, flowing into your space and you’re enabled to operate. You actually lose a conscious agent of yourself when you get into that zone, how you see athletes.

Michael Jordan always comes to my mind. If you have the way he would move you’ll see that has in perfect sense of flow state. And when asked about it, they’re not really conscious of what they’re doing, this is all their drills and all their work comes out into that place. For me I like the concept of wu wei which is spoken about on the 8 week challenge and that is when you get into that state of what you love which essentially you channel that, in Chinese they call it Dir, which is the best way to translate that is heavenly energy that gives you this charismatic power and then it even harmonizes around your will. For me, when you’re actually right in those days this feels like everything is working out in perfect harmony with your will consciously or otherwise.

Jiro: Thanks for that. That’s really interesting. So talk to us initially about this idea of Qi and just to give some background. Often Rhyn and I and other friends will exchange messages whether it’s on Facebook or whether it’s on SMS. We’ll say whatever it is that we’re saying and then we’ll send each other Chi. We literally write “we’re sending you some Chi brother.” That might sound like a strange thing to someone who has no idea what we’re talking about but just talk to me about that Rhyn.

Rhyn: Chi just translates best to energy. I think that’s how most people can sort of relate to it. So the more Chi you have, the more energy you have. I guess when I do Chi gong, Chi just means energy and you can even translate it to breath, universal energy. And gong just means work that you apply to what you love or what you do.

So it’s just energy work or breath work or universal energy work but as you get into the process you realize its energy development or Chi development. Chi gong does lots of things, sometimes it’s very hard to pin point what we do in the 8 week challenge…   we focus on activity exploring consciousness and human potential to get into that state of flow… but it does three things and this is where I think it’s interesting in terms of sending people Chi.. It works on breath, pressure and what the Chinese call Ying or mind intent. So the more that you build up your mind intent and your Chi or your energy, the better you are able to direct that whether that’s on your target, or your goals, dreams, and aspirations or whether that’s sending love.

Because they say sight is a subtle form of touch so we actually look at what we are actually affecting. So the greater ability you build up your Yi and that’s when you go through the process jing, Shi and Shen. Ones you build up that Yi or that mind intent or that body that is very easy for you to project love or a positive energy. Projecting Chi or projecting your focus with a steady calm like but very deliberate directed energy in a relaxed way as well on your goals, dreams and aspirations. And that’s when you get it that magical like flow state where things are just harmonizing to your will. And also when you’re Shen or when your spirit is strong through meditation and its practices, the saying is we can see the dust on the mirror, we can see the forest in the trees, that basically translates to don’t get distracted when you’re doing what you love. When you get into that zone, people just seem to respect your space so that they can see what you’re doing, they can see those zealous type of passion and energy that’s emanating from you and people are just saying “oh he’s in the zone”, they’re going to leave you to it. Or if an interruption does come in you’re able to deal with it in a harmonious way. You’re more conscious of the decision point of interruption. Let’s say someone knocked on my door now, be conscious of that decision point ahead they’re just in the core of your mind.

Jiro: Would you say that it’s accurate to say that one of the reasons why martial artists or Chi gong, Tai Chi practitioners, one of the reasons they practice is to build up this Chi?

Rhyn: Yeah, definitely. I think it can be almost addictive, as you develop the lower dantien (lower abdominal area) And that’s your powered version of yourself so you feel like you can get stuff done. It doesn’t just feel a lot more connected mind, body and soul. I guess I can say that to talk about related to that is the development of the hot system. So you got the cold system and the hot system. The cold system covers the decision making system whereas the hot system governs the subconscious and the organs and all the processes that luckily we don’t have to manage or take care of.

Inside the hot system is our code of morality or our virtue of sights. In the west predominantly we are very driven by the cold system. So if we go back to the beginning of society just to drum home the message I suppose. The leaders at the time had great questions to answer like how are we going to live in harmony in a civilized way, how can we live in peace, and how can we live in an orderly way so we can all operate. One way is to train that the cold system was to choose the carrot and stick approach to do something great and reward you with a carrot, if you do something wrong I’m going to hit you with a stick… and then the cold system basically corrects itself. You got to do something and go I know I can’t do that and then we correct that behavior. And there’s another form where you invoke the hot system, there’s more of the Daoist, Confucius and Buddhist approach or anyone who does dancing, yoga or meditation or any of these practices basically that starts to evoke or train the hot system. For me QiGong has been a really powerful way to do that but what that means is because of our code of morality our virtuous side is stored at the hot system we got a feeling or a sense of what’s right and wrong.

Because that is one of the way that we look at how we can live in harmony together. It keeps us on path with what we want to focus on when it comes to points of pressure. Because in points of pressure the cold system is basically limited to its resources of energy. So we got so many decision we can make every day before it relaxes and we go back to hot system. Because in the west we are driven by that, we don’t really know that the hot system has ways to honor the deeper parts of our body. It’s basically a deep emotional reactive system at some ways that hasn’t really been trained or nurtured or cultivated in the best way we can use. What that means is that I’m being really good at this diet and then as soon as I have an argument with someone or a stressor situation comes up, bang, it’s like I throw my hands up I go back the hot system and the hot system is like binge or do this, or do that its uncontrolled. Whereas if you do practices like yoga, chi gong, or meditation or dancing or things that can cultivate that mind and soul connection can really reflect them at that deeper place. The hot system now aligns with what’s right for you. So it’s not common for someone to jump at every chance they’re going to die and then their body is telling them what is the right food to eat so it’s easier for them to adjust to their diets. It’s not like their mental process my coach tells me to do this.

It’s more like­­ this salad it just resonating with me the way more than ever as a result of doing this practice whereas before the salad just seem like the most boring thing ever. Like your senses just come alive and it is like a code of morality that’s stored within yourself. Everyone has got their own evolution of their truth and when we connect to that, those answers are right for that particular time. That helps you on succeeding under these points of pressure because then when you drop back to hot system. The hot system has got this abundance of energy, when you see someone as really passionate and animated, they come from the hot system and that keeps them then in line on a virtuous or a morality that get more of a sense or a feel what’s right and then they can just take guide on that. And that is really beneficial so that the mind can have a rest, basically.

Jiro: Awesome man. Talk to me. You must have met some pretty bad ass martial artists in your time. Talk to me about the dude or the episode that most stands out from your time in China hanging out with this super powerful beings.

Rhyn: I had so many great masters and if I don’t talk about all masters I’ll feel bad. I suppose I’ll start with the root of my training in China. Before shaolin the master I met master became the indoor disciple of who is Master Chen Fu Sheng he was the special combat, Special Forces instructor of China. He was the first gold medal Chi gong winner in the international exchange of Chi gong games and he’s one of the guys who really came out and said you got Chi like the ancients did you should be able to do this. He’s got an unbroken record of dropping a, might be heavier than 15 kilo stone, from 9 feet it was on his chest and belly 3 times. And just because of his Chi is packed up, this is going to sound crazy for people to have an experience because it sounded crazy to me before I came to China. Although I have a faith that these things are possible, it just didn’t seem real if it’s not part of your reality but I actually dropped that stone on national TV in China and on province from about 6­9 feet, it’s on video. And basically the bed exploded underneath him and he just gave me the thumbs up after. He was actually singing a Chinese opera song before I dropped it on him, I mean with no instructions.

He’s like the ultimate version of relaxed under pressure that you can never get. I’m up there and I’ve got this massive thing that weights about the same weight about 16 kilos kettle bell. And I’m standing on this piece of wood like there’s 2 ladders that aren’t even and he’s on this bed and there’s all this camera crew and all the other disciples and students surrounding it. And I am like can I have some instructions placed, like what I’m meant to do. And he’s like nah it’s all good and he just sits underneath there and I’ve never felt that much pressure because you’ve got a man that’s given you so much skill, admiration and time and you’re about to drop this stone. I’ve done that twice and he’s lower mid­section you can punch it as hard as you want. He was the most feminine, soft moving person that you’d ever see that when you hit his dan tien, around that mid­section, it was like punching a cement wall. It was just rock hard. That’s just one story of what you can develop when you develop your chi. There are different types of Chi gong as well. This is a particularly talking about is martial Chi gong.

Jiro: Yeah so when people obviously the shaolin monks quite well known around the world, some of the images that come to my mind are these guys doing things with very sharp, pointy bits like spears and basically putting them on their skin and then pushing heavy objects and stuff like that and how can this be explained?

Rhyn: It’s actually a combination of two things, one is skill and there’s no doubt about that, then there’s some tricks and showmanship behind it. I used to know a little bit more about it, I sort of let go of the information now but yeah, there’s different things that they do with the angling of things, it’s definitely a combination of their skills as well but then it’s also a combination of, I don’t know for lack of better words, like the use of magic I suppose. Or just to give the audience the absolute wow factor. But things like smacking the iron bar of the head and shattering that, like that’s legit. I’ve seen masters with staffs that are smashing at the side of a basketball steel thing and couldn’t break it and then the master grab the same ones and smack it over their body, it just break at that point. The shaolin monks are absolutely incredible, I had about 6 months of full time training of shaolin Kung Fu and I’m good friends with quite a few shaolin monks and yeah they are absolutely incredible beings.

And the style of shaolin is a very effective… I mean the thing with martial arts, if were talking martial arts is that there’s a lot of arguments on both sides. I found shaolin a very good art for mind and body connection, more of an athletic style that’s very good for the mind, very good for sharp and fast reflexes. I think there’s better styles of combat out there but it really depends on what really suited best for you and what your purpose is. It’s probably is the best to answer that question.

Jiro: Yeah sure man, thanks for that. I am fascinated by this blend by east and west, ancient and modern. So you’ve already spent a fair amount of time in Asia as have I, but yet you very much exist in the western world, in the modern world in terms of the work that you do with entrepreneurs, people with 7 figure businesses. What is it that you feel that really adds value to your client that you’ve learnt in the east or from that sort of more ancient way of thinking?

Rhyn: I think it’s a connection to their source or their purpose on a deeper level. Relaxation as well and more mindfulness and presence. It comes down to that hot system ­ cold system as well again, but I think like… I work with a lot of successful people who don’t feel fulfilled and they’re lovely people, don’t get me wrong, they’re absolutely awesome. And they are coming to me saying.. business is great, financially I’m comfortable, and in some cases winning national awards for things. But they feel like they’ve lost connection to themselves or I don’t feel fulfilled and within 2 weeks in the 8 week challenge, bang! They are connected, they are fulfilled, they are full of gratitude, and they are loving the process that they’re going through.

They’ve got more time and space and productivity. And then they’re like you know what now I really would like to align my business with this. So then like, there still 6 weeks left to the program and it’s just common for the next couple of weeks, they find what it is that they want to do with that core level because I suppose they’re starting to honor or create ritual or practices that allow them to communicate to that space from within and that’s great because it’s just is a very solid place. It’s an ever evolving truth but it just enables you to have a connection to that deeper place.

Jiro: I hear what youre saying. The way I view it and the way I’ve experienced it in my life is that I feel like the western world, the modern world that we live in very much keep us going along this very horizontal plane, where we just sort of, we’re running away from stuff, we’re running towards stuff, we’re very much like back and forth on our horizontal plane and I feel like a lot of the eastern philosophy really is more about dropping into this vertical plane where we go deep within ourselves, we start looking for answers outside of ourselves and for me when I started a practice a few years ago, I picked my practice back up. And I guess I wasn’t using this language but I guess I was building my Chi and I was really tapping into my sense of purpose. Oh my God man, it was like a missile projecting from the earth into space. Like in terms of where I was, and where I got to just a few months later. And I was attracting things to my life that was crazy synchronicity is going on. Doors opening, left, front and center, clarity. And it was just unbelievable. So I know exactly what you’re talking about man.

Rhyn: They say when we raise our Chi, what we do is we raise our vibration and from that law of attraction standpoint, anything in a high vibration is like finding money, meeting the right people that can lead you at right opportunities, anything good. From as simple as a car pass a green light to having record breaking sales in your business but things are just flowing. Anything on a low vibration is the things that we don’t preferably not attract into our lives. Simple formula is raise your Chi and then raise all the good events in your life. People do that through different ways but yeah I believe that adding more of that in your life is only going to benefit you.

Jiro: What’s the best way for somebody listening to raise their Chi. Obviously they kept going on a course, learning with a master is obviously the way forward. Is there anything they can do right this minute or after this podcast to raise their Chi?

Rhyn: Yeah, I’ll just mention a couple of different ways. The first thing you can do is connect to your breath and do some deep breathing exercises. That’s just a really quick way. But the best way, and im not trying to sell what I do that I found, is Chi gong for me because it is energy cultivation but like I do all sorts of different things all the time… but movement is a great way. Diet is another great way, anything with a high vibration that you can bring into your life is going to absolutely amp that up.

Surround yourself with more positive, inspiring people even if they just means you have to start with books or you know, like different programs. Anything you can do that can raise your energy. And the best thing is ask if things feel light or heavy.

If it feels good and it makes you feel good then just do more of that. I think there’s a book entitled Energy and I always laugh about it because basically the message on the book was just do what gives you more energy. And then don’t do things that take energy away from you.

Jiro: That’s just a nice simple way of looking at it. Just do shit that feels good. Awesome man. I think we’ve just broken down thousands and thousands of years of spiritual philosophy and books into one sentence. “Just do shit that feels good”. Talk to me about purpose, when you tune in to your sense of purpose what is it that you’re here to do Rhyn?

Rhyn: I love that question by the way that you just said it. For me, at an individual basis, it’s about giving one person at a time, a deep transformation so they can realize what they’re purpose is and start to tune in to asking greater questions like.. not just after they passed: like what am I here for, things like that but how we can benefit humanity and how we can add to having a conscious shift in the world so there’s more blessings and more opportunities for people because we’re past the age of war..

We don’t really need to do that anymore, we’ve got so much amazing technology and opportunities to make money and all these different avenues and events, there’s no need for war anymore. The more that we can raise our consciousness up, and a great book that comes to mind just now is Power vs Force. And I think it’s chapter 4 and 5 it talks about the levels of human consciousness­­ written by David R. Hawkin’s. And the most conscious beings are like between 700­-1000 and it just talks about all the different emotions that start at 20, I think it’s shame that’s in the lowest one but anything that we can do to raise people’s consciousness is what i’m about. And for me this is working well with a single individual to do that, even though what im working on is more ways of affecting the masses by really, like if I can do it effectively with one person.

The reason I work with entrepreneurs and really influential people is because they just got a greater audience. So it’s just a more effective use of my time because of my bad productivity as well that if I work on them they’re going to have a greater effect on all of their ideas and their contribution moving forward because making money is absolutely awesome, it’s necessary that it open up more opportunities in that but if we can then shift that or we can create ideas that also benefit humanity and technology, that can enable us to get back our time or have more mind, body, sort of soul connection and I just think that’s fantastic. I think the point in what I’m trying to say is there’s no more need for war anymore, we’ve got such a great opportunity in front of everyone now to create ideas and to collaborate with people all over the globe. It’s definitely time for a massive shift.

Jiro: Absolutely man, it seems like it’s on the way. Where can people find more about what you do Rhyn?

Rhyn: I’ve got a website, just simply my name, its rhynnasser.com and you can also find me on my Facebook page just Rhyn Nasser as well.

Jiro: Rhyn basically runs this course, it’s the 8 week challenge. I was fortunate enough or lucky enough participate in one a few months ago and this is powerful shit guys. This is a really transformational type of program. It’s built around the pillars of Chi gong productivity and manifestation. So it build in a daily practice of Chi gong or building up cultivating your energy. Honestly guys, it’s just in the first day of practice you feel more powerful as a being. You continue this for 8 weeks and it changes, there are unbelievable changes happening for people’s businesses. I was getting clear on my business goals, other people were just smashing it out the park. And I remember this one particular time where we’re having our weekly call with Rhyn, we were doing this exercise where he stood in a stationary position for a long time just holding one position. Really building up the energy and he said that we would reach a stage where we could be driving our cars and we could stop at the traffic lights next to another car and we could just look at the back of the head of somebody at another car. And just with our Chi or our energy they will be able to feel our presence. That was like an amazing course so I really recommend anybody check that out. It’s basically an online, Skype mastermind. If anywhere in the Australia time zone you could tune in to that. Just wrapping up Rhyn, what’s the number one powerful bit of inspiration that you’d like to share with our audience? An audience of peak performers that are just striving to get to that next level, what can you leave them with? Just simply be true to yourselves, to what you must do and then the result will come. Awesome man, thank you so much for joining us brother.

Rhyn: Sending you heaps of Chi.



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