Steve Hord fr12080172_10153598112501145_5006851567250413717_oom the Flowstate Performance Podcast gives his first flow nugget. He jumps straight into what the podcast is about, shares a touching story about hitting his lowest low and shares his evolving philosophy for life. Steve explains how BASE jumping, below average surfing and his Manly tribe help create flow states for him everyday!






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In the episode: 

  • 2:20 Living Society’s dreams- Not my own
  • 3:25 My lowest low 5:10 I am that change
  • 7:34 2015, Living in Flow
  • 9:10 We live in a time without real danger and no way to release the nervous tension


Epic quotes from Steve Hord:

  • Flowstates don’t come without work, without effort, without creation… [Tweet This]
  • We have 6 Billion people in this planet who are always right. You can’t tell them so what do you do, so you lead by example! [Tweet This]
  •  I got to make this happen. If I want change, I’ve got to start something right now. [Tweet This]


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Steve: Hi guys, this is Steve from Flowstate Performance Podcast. This is my first flow nugget. I’m super excited it’s going to be me in the microphone for the first couple of minutes. It’s late at night and I just want to check in with you guys so you know what’s up. I’ve had the most epic day start it out with a BASE jump just after dawn. I’ve been surfing, I’ve been skating, and I’ve been catching up with some amazing people in my community here in Manly. I have just had the most epic entrepreneurial day as well, new revelations, new visions, new commitment, evolving style, evolving our brand, our message of Flowstate performance. It’s just all coming together, without these moments of pure flow, of pure essence, and pure being, it wouldn’t be possible. As of today it’s been epic chance just for me to tell you a little bit more about Steve Hord and why our Flowstate performance is so important to me and what I expect to deliver to you guys and hopefully that you guys will be receiving.

So let me just say that these days of epic flowstates weren’t always that way for me and I still strive to make that a part of my life now, it doesn’t just come without work, without effort, without creation. I used to work a 9-5 job as an Electrician. I was working 6-7 days a week just trying to stay ahead, I was doing better than my mates. To be honest, they all go into Uni and some never had money but I;m looking at my figures, you know I’m like, man I’ve just got enough to get by, I’m still living with my parents. I’m going out in the weekend, I’m having what society is telling you as a good time, I’m saving a bit of cash for the holiday and you know my parents still put a word on me to put a ring on my finger with a Mrs. at the time and, you know, you get the white picket fence and then you go from there, right? And then that’s life, you have the kids, you work hard for the rest of your life. You retire and then you have this illusion that that’s when you’re going to enjoy this life! That’s what you’re doing yourself and I was just playing that out because I didn’t know any better right?

My lowest low

But then I started to think God there’s got to be more. But before I see the light and where I wanted to go and where flow is going to take me, I end up sort of my lowest low and you know I had depression, I was in anti-depressants, I had low testosterone, I had lethargy. I had the holiday’s blues I just came back from the states and my life just wasn’t… I wouldn’t say I was suicidal but I was apathetic I didn’t care what was going down. I have no interest in anything and the anti-depressants are making everything worse. And remember I was training for a body building competition. It was back in 2010 and I was sitting in the gym locker room and I was putting on my lifting shoes and it was squat day – leg day – and I was just, I can’t even put my shoe on. I was just lying there and I was saying what the point is? And I sat there just looking up at the locker, sitting down in the middle there and I saw this can’t be what life is about, this can’t be it. I’m training for what? To look good for who? For someone so they can have a better image of me. I’m working for some other guy, I’m working for him so he’s making more money do he’s living his dream. I’m living a life that’s have arced so that I’ll fit in with society so that I can fit in with every other miserable person around me?

I am that change

And I realized then there that this is going to be something that I do. This is going to be something that I change, that I create. I got to make this happen. If I want change, I’ve got to start something right now. And I still remember the first book that I ever read on self-how on finding your purpose, finding meaning and it was by Remez Sassoon and it was called Visualize and Achieve. And I remember that name because it was the first, it was the starting point of my new life, of my addiction to learning, to growing, to evolving, and to constantly meeting and exceeding what’s going on in this reality. And from that moment it has been an exponential learning curve, full of highs and lows, just meeting the most amazing people at the right time and starting this quest to delve into the most finicky little resources from all of the areas of life so I became obsessed with nutrition, evolutionary nutrition. Flowstates so studying Steve Kotler and Jamie Wheal ,Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, the newest addition to the team Jason Silva those shot of all epic individual. Lots of figures in the entrepreneurial world, Dave Asprey, Tim Ferris, Mark Sisson,  Elliot Hulse. All these epic individuals that I’ve seen the stories, I hit the breaking point and I just know they’re going to do it themselves, stand so flow to me has been found in all these facets of my life.

2015 Living in Flow


So just to give you a recap, this is me now 2015. It’s my base jumping, it’s my surfing, it’s my sky diving it’s my skating, it’s my family, it’s my entrepreneurship at Flowstate Performance. It’s my relationships, it’s even on evolving my family life. I don’t want to get out of bed, I don’t want to engage in anything unless I have developed a sense of flow or I’m working on a flow state with it. And what is flow? It’s what your intuition tells you that you get all in. That everything in this moment is as it’s supposed to be.

IMG_5160You’re not anxious about it, you’re not depressed about it, you’re just living it, you’re in the here and now. And once I discover what that flow was, I just want to share it with people. And so I thought what the best way to do this is? And I discovered early on that you can’t tell somebody that they’re wrong, that’s the greatest dysfunction of humanity. We have 6 Billion people in this planet who are always right. You can’t tell them so what do you do, well you lead by example. So I just started being that guy that guy who is always smiling. I just started putting this positive spin on things. I was just always aware of my thoughts when they jump up, everyone has their own negative connotations and that’s the over-active amygdala, It used to pay to be skeptical of things and that used to be a biological advantage on the plains of the Serengeti, that’s what kept us alive.

We live in a time without real danger and no way to release the nervous tension

But now we don’t have this real life dangers and so what’s happening is our amygdala gets caught up in nothing, gets caught up worrying about what color shoes am I going to wear, and this old mate down the street is going to be checking me out and what’s he going to think, what’s he going to tell his friends. And then you will pass a girl all you’re going to think about is oh god do you reckon she likes my shirt, I know I should have washed my hair with a flip to the side. You know we’re all living inside our own universe, and that universe is spelt with Y.O.U. I thought, if I just lead by example maybe it will be a great change and I didn’t even care if it didn’t because I was just feeling so good about it and I was living with my intuition, living in that flow state. And I looked in the mind and started working in the EEHA as an electrician doing 26/9 working as flyin-flyout.

And I did that for a number of years and I’ve only just recently resigned from that and to be honest working in that environment was like, good lord, it’s like you put the most negative, the most depressed people all into one realm, into one room. Bring everyone with the most heartfelt stories and the stories and the isolation and family breakdowns and inability to react with normal society, you put it all into one little ball, that’s what you got right there. And so I felt it was even more important for me to share my true self, to be that light of inspiration and it was amazing.

The feedback I got was fantastic and then I started off with FIFO wellness on Facebook. And I actually wrote a book called in FIFO: There’s a Healthier Way. And I used those skills that I learned from my wellness coach to identify the major areas of health holistically. It’s nutrition, it’s mindset, it’s goal setting, it’s developing a purpose and reason for being and identifying the mindfulness.

And after all that I met my main man Jiro Taylor, he’s the founder of Flowstate and we just collaborated back by just filing a few emails back in Manly Australia on my breaks. We had a cup of coffee, hang out, get a bit of a skate, and we just be sharing ideas. You know I thought man we’ve got to do something here, it’s the here and now, we’re developing the ultimate flow and we’re just standing here talking to each other, this is where it’s at boy, this is what’s up.

We are here to make a difference and we are on the same page and we just want to run it. And it’s absolutely incredible, I feel amazing about it. In the coming days, months, years this is exactly what Flowstate Performance is going to be for you guys, our audience, our listeners, our viewers, our closed collective community, this is going to be us delivering you epic information on how to find and develop your flowstates, and develop your meaning and become one with your true purpose.

And guys this isn’t about being one of the elite performers, it’s not about being the world’s best surfer or the world’s richest entrepreneur, or even the greatest chess player the world has ever seen if that’s what creates your flow. It’s just getting your inspiration and guidance in creating a community that we can all get involved in and we can all participate and bounce with each other to continue the spirit of evolution that is destined for humanity.

So I hope this has been an inspiring flow nugget for you from my first one. And guys there’s going to be more of this shit, it’s going to be amazing. And I look forward to growing and learning and inspiring you guys into the future.

You can check this out at Please like and share this podcast. The best of luck in developing your true purpose because let me tell you it’s f*cking amazing.


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