Chris “Douggs” McDougall is a Professional BASE Jumper with over 18 years in the sport.

He has completed over 3400 BASE jumps to date, with over 1000 of them being in a wingsuit.

He as also competed the World BASE championships, is an aerial specialist and operates a first BASE jump course in Switzerland where he currently lives with his amazing wife, and good friend of mine- Jenny.

You’ll really want to listen in as we delve into what it’s like to be a professional wingsuit BASE jumper, why he throws himself off cliffs and how Douggs builds his life around flow states. Learn how to make your life more engaging, more meaningful and find your ‘fast-paced yoga’. Somehow we also find time to talk gamification, philosophy and the importance of community. This episode is chock-full with solid gold. Enjoy 🙂

[Please excuse the audio quality: We were in a Malaysian cafe, chatting while at the KL Tower Base Jump event]

NB: Around 5 minutes in Steve talks about “classical meditation”, or seated meditation as a practice involving shutting the mind off. We would like to clarify that mindfulness meditation involves opening the mind up, so that our field of awareness includes  senses , breath, emotions as well as thoughts.  If practiced diligently, we believe it does “work” for everyone, in that it will produce a calmer state of mind, from which awareness and stillness can emerge.

Steve’s point is that we can achieve a state of “one-ness”, through activities other than meditation .   His assertion that base-jumping or other activities that elicit a state of consciousness beyond the thinking mind and can be a part of a spiritual practice, we stand by. Meditation, though a powerful practice, and one that we recommend for all humans, is not the only practice. There are many ways to connect with one’s inner self/ higher self/ divine/ soul/ intuition/ purpose/ inner child, that include play, rituals and ceremonies, movement, prayer, plant medicines, breath-work, immersion in activity, altruism, dream-states and more. 

What you’ll learn in this episode:

• How BASE jumping revolves around Flow states
• How how to find your Flow state- no matter what you do or play
• Dougg’s daily routine
• How to make your life more fun through gamification
• A few great reasons why jumping out of the 9/5 lifestyle will improve your Flow state

Flow Quotes

‘Wingsuit BASE jumping is like fast-paced Yoga’ [Tweet this!]
Douggs philosophy on life: ‘Dream, Challenge, Inspire’ [Tweet This]

Useful Links

Confessions of an Idiot: Dougg’s Book

BASE Dougg’s original website Dougg’s new website

Facebook: follow what this legend is upto

Twitter: follow Douggs’ tweets here


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