My name is Jiro Taylor, and I am addicted to doing everything myself.

Well I was.. and now I’m on the road to recovery. This 7 minute “Flow Nugget” is about my early steps in outsourcing and how you can achieve more flow through smart delegation.

There is a pattern I have noticed among those who are perfectionist and have high standards. Let’s call it “Super-Hero” syndrome. This is the belief that you are the best person to do everything, which manifests in the habit of judging other peoples abilities and taking on far too much work.  

I see this especially with entrepreneurs and those who are new to business. And really, Im talking about myself here. I’m just taking my first baby steps in out-sourcing, so I’m no expert, but this is a bit about my personal experience that I feel could add more flow to everyones life.

Flow Quotes:

“Every minute you fiddle around with stuff you are not skilled at, you are WASTING time that could be spent doing things you are AMAZING at.”

“By doing things you should not be doing you are subconsciously reinforcing habits and beliefs that keep you playing small.”

“There is a key difference to working in the business and ON the business.”

Useful links:

Ezy VA are my preferred supplier of virtual assistance. Email Jared Asher to find out more 

James Schramko has an incredible business mind on him, and his Super Fast Business community is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to start or expand a business

Taki Moore from Coach Marketing Machine, the master of frameworks and systems to grow a business

Chris Ducker is the go-to man for understanding more about Virtual assistants, how to find one,  and how to work with them once you have one.

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Like all addictions, awareness is the first step to freedom. And over the past few months, aided by sheer overwhelm… and the sage advice from business coaches and mentors, I have been taking my first wobbly steps in the world of virtual assistants, frameworks and leveraging my time and skills.

I am by no means an expert, and in the show notes, I will put some links to experts in this field (see useful links above). This short flow nugget is just an insight into my early experience into out-sourcing.

So why did I decide to outsource to virtual assistants? Well, as some people say there is a key difference to working in the business and ON the business.

You could even argue that while you are IN the business, you are never really an entrepreneur. You are never free in time and mental energy to think strategically, because you are too busy labouring, wearing 9 hats and grafting to everything needed to run a project or business.

As any person who has set up a business knows, there are 100s of individual tasks that all must get done, and in the early days you feel you must do them all.

I spent far too much time and energy on admin, book keeping, SEO, marketing, graphic design, advertising, making the website pretty, changing fonts… the list goes on. The day I spent 3 hours making the buttons on my website have curved corners, I realised I needed help.

The fact is that there are about 3 core activities I should be doing: and these are the activities that I am passionate about, I am skilled at, or that literally no one else in the universe can do as well as I can.

By learning to delegate and outsource everything that does not fit this criteria, this is what has started to happen:

  1. I have freed up time to do what I was put on earth to do and what I love to do, meaning less struggle, and more flow
  2. Someone more skilled than me is doing the things I am average or terrible at
  3. The process of thinking about out-sourcing has changed the way I think about business.  Im starting to think like a CEO, rather than a worker.

What are your limiting beliefs?

One of the things about super hero syndrome is the excuses you make for doing everything. Trust me I have heard them all, from my own mouth. I thought it was silly to pay someone else to do small jobs in the early days of business. I thought there is no way someone else can do the task with as much passion or skill as me.

Well, those are limiting beliefs. Your time has a value on it. Every minute you fiddle around with stuff you are not skilled at, you are WASTING time that could be spent doing things you are AMAZING at. Doing more of those things, I bet will bring more abundance to your life.

I remember thinking, outsourcing is just lazy! By doing things you should not be doing, you are not honouring your unique skills and experience. You are  subconsciously reinforcing certain habits and beliefs that keep you playing small.

So let me tell you the first steps on this path of leverage and outsourcing. This doesn’t have to be a business setting. Maybe you are planning a wedding or organising an event.. maybe you are taking on too much at work and its time to chat with the boss about getting some help!

Here is the 3 step process (with credit to Chris Ducker, James Schramko, Taki Moore, Monty Hooke who all have their versions):

1. List out everything single thing you do related to a business or project. 

2. Highlight the tasks you love doing and what you best at.

3. For all the left over tasks, see if you would be able to write a 10 point list which could explain to a child how to do the task. If this is possible, it is out-sourceable.

What next?

Check out the show notes/ useful links above. 2 of my business mentors, James Schramko and Taki Moore are both masters of outsourcing.

The company I have used in my first steps into this world is EzyVA. They have been amazing and they really know their stuff. is also a great resource for learning more about what you can outsource and how much it will cost.

Remember, if you are on the path to self-master and living in flow, you don’t have to do it alone. Join a global tribe of inspirational flow-seekers. Apply to join FlowTribe 

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