Visualization, or mental rehearsal is the practice of using our senses to create or recreate an image (or series of images) in the mind.

The neuro-scientific explanation in a nutshell is that visualisation activates a neural network, or reinforces a neural pathway that is associated with physiological movement. We can simulate the actual movements or intentions, and to a certain degree our brain does not know the difference between reality and practice.

I have used visualisation in my life for many years, with great effect. I think most people do, to the extent that when we set a goal, we create a picture of what we want, and then the process of realising that goal involves us recreating the image/thought/feeling of what we visioned.

So Im not talking about anything groundbreaking here. Except, perhaps most of us do not fully understand how powerful this process is, and perhaps we could be doing a whole lot more of it, in a refined way that will exponentially increase our ability to create our future and smash our goals.

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What will you learn in this episode?

  • Some scientific studies into the results of mental rehearsal
  • How we can program a filter we have between our conscious and sub-conscious mind
  • The connection of flow states to visualisation
  • Techniques on how to Visualise with greater effect
  • Why some people should use feeling rather than image in their mental rehearsal

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What next?

What I talk about here is what I call Level 1 Visualisation. I believe that once we become more aware through a meditation practice and we become refined in our body awareness and laser focused in our intentions, we can do amazingly powerful things with visualisation. I believe there is a link here to synchronicity, manifesting reality and attracting what we want into our lives. Keep a look out for this stuff in the future.

Let us know in the comments if you have any special techniques or any crazy stories of how you used this visualisation to achieve your goals.

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