Derek  Loudermilk is a microbiologist, a former pro cyclist, a world traveller, business coach,  photographer and host of the awesome podcast “The Art of Adventure”. He is also a buddy of mine and a truly interesting guy, who is living life differently. He currently abides in Bali, where he lives the life of a globally roaming, entrepreneur. When I think about Derek’s life, I just think: “This is a guy having fun, living life how it supposed to be lived.”  

Just last week, Derek and a few buddies smashed a world record, by summiting Bali’s 3 major peaks/volcano’s in record time. In the show notes below I add a link to Derek’s youtube channel, so you can see what he said about that adventure.

Adventure doesn’t just always happen. Sometimes you have to make plans, visualise, make sh*t happen, overcome doubts, do the hard thing, say no to security, say yes to the unknown. But one thing is for sure, if you build your life around adventures… your life will not be bland.

I really enjoyed this podcast and it inspired me to follow through on my plans for adventure. So stay tuned…. HUGE adventures are in the pipeline!

Enjoy the show, and prepare to be inspired to plan your next big adventure.


Flow Quotes

“Charles Darwin is a huge hero of mine. We both have the similar sort of intelligence where observe the natural world.”

“I’ve always wanted to discover a new species.”

“People and social situations are fascinating.”

“Now, I’m definitely forcing myself to be uncomfortable multiple times a day.”

“There’s the element of self reliance and self discovery that you get from being out in a risky situation.”

“The more boring your life is, the less memories you have, the less full it feels.”

” You can inspire people with the stories you tell of how you made decisions in a tough situation. Or how you made it through something you didn’t think you were gonna make it through.”

“You can’t always be on an adventure. An adventure has to end at some point.”

“You can bond with people so much more quickly when you have these shared challenges, shared adversities. Because then you start to see vulnerability and you start to see who people really are. And it’s powerful.”

“I wanna make the distinction that an adventure doesn’t have to be jumping out of a plane.”

What you will learn in this episode

  • How Derek discovered a new species
  • His journey from being a microbiologist to becoming a business coach and digital nomad
  • Learn common qualities of people that are living the best lives
  • Why Derek started “The Art of Adventure” podcast
  • What role intuition plays in adventure
  • Type 1 Fun vs Type 2 Fun
  • The most interesting people Derek has interviewed for “The Art of Adventure”
  • What are micro adventures?
  • Jiro and Derek talk about karaoke passion
  • The power of Rituals and Routines

Resources that we talk about

Next steps:



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