“Men are supposed to look like He-Man and women are supposed to look like Barbie. A lot of us don’t look like He-Man or Barbie, so we are confused.”- Dane Tomas


Dane Thomas is the author of The Conscious Hustle  and creator of the Spiral Clearing Process.  He is working on some amazing projects aimed at freeing human beings from negative conditioning and exploring freedom in every sense.  In this 45 minute interview we cover free-style rapping, failing quickly, creating an entrepreneur mind-set around money and wealth, and Dane’s ongoing journey to explore sexuality and masculine identity.

We also mention some amazing resources for anyone who is looking to unleash themselves from limiting beliefs and self-doubt.

nb: there is some artful swearing in this episode, and free discussions of bodily parts and functions.


Flow & Masculinity quotes

“Success to me is being able to do what you want when you want.”

“Success, it’s the feeling that you’re moving towards something meaningful and fulfilling.”

“You’ll hear rappers talk about flow more than any other word. It’s sort of what the whole thing is about. ”

“Your business can be your ultimate personal development mirror.”

“I grew up not wanting to have a job but having to take jobs to live.”

“If you have massive self issues, you’re not really gonna make any money because money is representative of worth.”

“If you have to avoid an area of life, you’re not that masterful.”

“The best guys have the highest speed of implementation.”

“You have to fail faster, you need to make more mistakes.”

“Just execute something, and then you can get feedback that you can build on.”

“Getting the interplay of masculine-feminine dynamics is, I think, a big thing that’s gonna come in in the world in the next sort of 5 to 10 years that we don’t, as a culture, understand very well. ”

“We’re so sexually repressed that we can’t handle all the parts of ourselves. Which is the cause of a lot of sexual dysfunction, a lot of abuse.

“Men are supposed to look like He-Man and women are supposed to look like Barbie. A lot of us don’t look like He-Man or Barbie, so we are confused.”

What you will learn in this episode

  • Dane’s definition of success
  • Danes’ path to personal development from being a graffiti and rap artist
  • How flow states are important for freestyle rappers
  • How to do what you love and get paid for it
  • How the Church programmed the masses to repel money and wealth
  • How to change your wealth mindset
  • How to put what you learn from books into action
  • Working with men, masculinity, and tantric practices

Resources that we talk abouttheconscioushustle



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