TFPP 016: Dr. Damian Kristof- Optimise your Flowstate- nutrition, wellness and of course.. Poo!

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[Guest post by Steve Hord]
Dr. Damian Kristof is a key figure in the health and wellness industry, a well known Chiropracter, Naturopath and Presenter. He co-hosts the extremely sucessful podcasts, The Wellness Guys and 100 not out,  and is a successful entrepreneur and inspiration to many- including yours truly!
We get right into the nitty gritty with all things health related including: The truth about coconut oil, the gut- biome, paleo, veganism, going gluten-free, developing purpose in your life, hipsters, the implications of stress, sleep, functional human movement and life philosophy.
This is a cracker of an episode and worth sticking around until the end so you don’t miss out any of this Legends wisdom, knowledge and energy 🙂

What you will learn about nutrition and more:

  • the implications of stress in the 21st century
  • the power of food and how to incorporate a holistic approach to your nutrition
  • revolutionise the way you look at eating
  • DNA testing for your health
  • The truth about Gluten, grains, lectins, dairy and soy
  • Coconut, MCT and other oils- which ones are safe, when to cook with them and which fats optimise our flowstate
  • Damo’s philosophy on current trends in human evolution
  • the importance of understanding your poo and gut biome for optimal health and wellbeing
  • how to perform the sesame seed challenge 
  • Money incentivised health promotion- what is the mainstream health industry’s real motives?
  • What are the best exercises to perform for your health
  • The importance of developing meaning and purpose in your life to maintain peak performance


  • [in relation to being strict Paleo, Vegan etc].. “you become a social retard”
  • “What can heal can harm”

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