If you live your life according to the common narrative of our culture, PURPOSE  is all about finding this elusive thing, that will define the meaning of your life.

To have this, you must go and “find” it.

I spent years trying to find it, going round in circles, running down dead ends hunting high and low for this elusive thing that would give me meaning in life.






It was not until I stopped looking that the green shoots of purpose gradually emerged. Only when I allowed space in my life, to re-evaluate and re-create everything that my life was built on, could I lay down the soil for these green shoots to emerge.

In other words, I started living my life a completely different way. I stopped running around hunting pleasure, wealth and security. I learned to accept what I have, surrender to what I can not control, and live through love not fear.

For me it required seismic shifts in my external world to allow for the shifts internally. New surroundings, friends, types of books, practices, influences. A friend of mine asked me last week: “But how did your sense of purpose emerge from this?”

“Well”, I told him, “I was patient and I surrendered in the most powerful way possible. I created the conditions for purpose to emerge. I felt like I was a plant that had been kept in the dark, unwatered. I moved myself to a sunny spot, with plenty of water… and then it just happened.”

The Emergence of Purpose

I remember that feeling so well: Emergence. It is a very natural process, but it requires you to be proactive and courageous.

I feel that emergence is the purpose of life. If you are not living with that what is in you has space to naturally emerge, then stop and evaluate everything in your life. Make changes. Change your soil. Find more sunlight. This lesson about purpose came up again for me last month in a powerful way.

I was on a retreat, learning from elders, and partaking in a Shamanic plant medicine ceremony. I had drunk a brew of cactus juice (san pedro), which contains the psychoactive ingredient mescaline and after a walk in the forest I was chatting to a Tree.

This tree had majesty and swagger. I knew it was living its purpose: It was giving so much to its community and ecosystem. Shade, shelter, oxygen, presence, wisdom and so much more. It was all so effortless and natural, its trunk and branches solid like iron, its plumage of foliage vivacious and proud.

I saw instantly how purpose emerges from within and is not something that is attained from out there. The life force of the tree was an emergent force expressed through service and giving.

The tree could not avoid living its purpose, because of its strong root system and sturdy trunk. Unavoidable and unstoppable purpose… leading to irrepressible power and performance.

This wisdom cut through to my core and instantly I knew beyond all doubt that as long as I have solid roots (of awareness) and a strong trunk (of practice) I can not help but live my full human potential.

This spontaneous realisation lifted a burden from my shoulders. It was the reaffirmation that I could stop striving and trying so hard.

Our purpose is nothing more that the expression of our life force. And when you express this through filter-less authenticity… you flow. And when you flow.. you achieve peak performance. It is that simple. Peak performance comes from purpose, and our purpose is to express love in every way we can (to ourselves most of all).

Have a listen to the experience and click to the right to download the Purpose Paradigm Shift, which goes into even greater detail and has pretty pictures of amazing trees. :). You can also just click here.

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I'm a sacred leadership mentor, surfer, mystic, philosopher and the founder of Flowstate. I coach and advise individuals and organisations and dedicate myself to connecting with the source of life.

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