Jeffrey Slayter is an entrepreneur, best-selling author and international speaker who has shared the stage with Tony Robbins and Richard Branson.

He is on a mission to dissolve the boundaries to his own highest potential and help others do the same.

Jeffrey has spent much of his life in smashing it as an entrepreneur, building successful businesses and now coaching and consulting to other entrepreneurs.

He feels that entheogens (mind altering substances used in a religious, shamanic, or spiritual context that may be synthesized or obtained from natural species) such as Ayahuasca, Kambo and San Pedro (Huachuma), that are used carefully in religious, shamanic, or a spiritual context have a special role to play in the evolution of humanity.

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Flow quotes

  • “Achievement’s not all it’s cracked up to be.”
  • “The ability to do what I love when I wanna do it, and not have to do anything when I don’t want to, that for me is success.”
  • “I have full faith in the human family, that we are here to make something incredible.”

What you will learn in this episode

  • What happens when a bunch of millionaires  get together to ingest ayahuasca
  • Why stripping away the inauthentic can help us grow
  • How can adding a foreign substance into my being, add to authenticity
  • Why you should be skeptical
  • Watching the most skeptical, science driven people dissolve their boundaries
  • How the world is not just our 5 senses
  • How the financial crises of 2008/09 shifted global consciousness
  • How we can feel endlessly optimistic about the world

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Neither Flowstate Collective or I, Jiro Taylor endorse the use of entheogens. These are strong medicines and should only be ingested in ceremonial settings, with trained practitioners.  More than anything, use your intuition, that inner voice to guide you. I have experienced growth and profound insights in my personal experience, but have also seen people suffer greatly because of incorrect or disrespectful usage.

My personal feeling is that before even considering entheogens/ plant medicines, one should have a solid footing of self-awareness and a practice that allows stillness and space, so that you are aware of what you are beyond your thinking mind. To leap straight to ayahuasca or similar, I consider reckless. This footing or foundation of self-awareness is built through a contemplative practice such as meditation. In this interview, Jeffrey claims that in his personal evolution meditation has less of a role to play than shamanic practice and plant medicines. This is his take and one that has come after many years of spiritual practice. He acknowledges the value of a contemplative practice and he also urges extreme discretion.

All exploration of altered states of consciousness are part of my practice and I consider meditation and quiet time spent in nature to be the foundation of this. For those looking for short-cuts to altered states, I urge caution. Some things in life don’t need to be short-cut. The journey is the reward.

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