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TFPP 019: Changing Lives: The Breathe Project with Bodhi Whitaker

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On this Flow Nugget, I chat with Bodhi Whitaker, a friend and legend.

Him and his partner Kat Tucker are on a mission to bring greater awareness, connection and health to kids and adults, by teaching a simple breathing technique. Bodhi wrote the below. Listen in or watch on youtube.





The Breathe Project is a not-for profit health promotion initiative empowering youth, schools and communities with one simple breathing technique.
With a primary focus on public schools, we are providing two free workshops, one for the students and one for the teachers as well as resources to further support the integration of 3-minutes each morning.
Why high school students?
Do you remember this chapter of your life? Maybe your children are going through this mind-boggling chapter now and feeling the same pressure.
We know we can relate!
These are the years where ‘everything’ begins to matter. Peer pressure heightens, self-esteem issues kick in, turning to destructive behaviour is more prominent and disconnect from family begins.
Health professionals, therapists, medications, youth programs, countless money and time invested, more anxiety, more stress – when does it stop? Click here to read more!

Click here to support our Crowd-funding campaign

Click here to see our website and intro video


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