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TFPP 020: Zulu Flow Zion- Creating a movement to get 500 million in Flow

By December 21, 2015 One Comment

Zulu Flow Zion is a Peak Performance coach, QiGong and NeiGong instructor… and rapper.

Originally from Jamaica and now based in Tasmania, via Melbourne, Zulu is on a mission to launch a movement.

His calling is to “help people reach their full potential” and he wants to be the “catalyst to inspire 500 million people to start a daily practice” of mindfulness, movement and inner development.

Yee ha.. I fcking love a big vision. Truly, if 500 million people learned to cultivate, harness and unleash their authentic internal power.. the world would be transformed from one run by ego’s to one run by heart and soul.

In this 50 minute conversation we flow through his life journey, some of the major influences in his life, and the key to developing self awareness and finding purpose in life.


 Zulu Flow Zion quotes

  • “I love coaching people who want to be the best at what they do”.
  • “Vipassana meditation- why don’t they teach this in schools?”
  • “My calling is to help people reach their full potential.”

What you will learn in this episode

  • The impact of Vipassana meditation on his life
  • What 287 days of continuous Neigong Practice does
  • The power of finding our your “values hierarchy”
  • 3 super powerful questions to find out your purpose
  • A 7 day exercise that has changed lives

Zulu Flow ZionResources

If you want to find out more about Flow Zulu or train with him, click here. 

Watch this video of Flow Zulu teaching 1:4:2 and box breathing techniques.


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