This episode presents a new way to look at goals. In our western culture we have SMART goals. I think they are dumb.

Yes it’s good to be specific and put a time-frame on some goals. Relevant? Yeah obviously- who on earth makes irrelevant goals?

Measurable and attainable… pffff.. Don’t get me started. You can not measure the grandeur of my dreams, or capture their essence with a few numbers and charts. Why the hell would I limit my dreams in life to what can be measured in numbers?

As for Attainable, the A in the SMART goal-setting formula… the current unattainability of my grandest goals is what excites me about life. What is unattainable to my current level of consciousness could be very attainable tomorrow or next year.

So the way I see it- make your goals completely unattainable with the knowledge that if you keep raising your consciousness and doing the work on yourself, you are evolving. You will live a bigger and bolder life. Click below to listen and learn.






You can learn more about my process and path by downloaded The Samurai System. (disclaimer- I’m not [yet] a Samurai )

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