Phil Drolet is a Peak Performance coach and founder of The Feel Good Lifestyle. Phil coached me in the past and I have wanted to get him on the show, because of his unique blend of entrepreneurial savvy, high performance mindset, and dedication to personal mastery, and spiritual growth.

Phil is dedicating his life to actualising his full human potential… in every way. In this 35 minute conversation we breeze through some alternative, yet powerful reasons to practice meditation, the inner dance of the masculine and feminine, plant medicines, rituals of power, why meditation is sexy and how mixing in some hedonism into our life is not only fun… but transformative. Phil is a super-inspiring guy, and is about to take 2 months off to immerse himself on a solo quest, to go deeper into his own mind and body. I love his commitment to growth and self-actualisation.

If you take one thing from this show… let it me this: Immediately go and visualise and book your next quest- it could be a weekend, or a day… or a year.. But view this as a journey into yourself. This is the most powerful gift you can give yourself and anyone in your life.

You can listen by clicking below, or you can watch this on Youtube. 


What you will learn from this episode

  • The “5 times” method of figuring out the patterns of when you were most/least successful in life and what was going on them
  • The 2 types of happiness: Hedonism and Eudaimonia
  • Why meditation is super SEXY
  • How meditation can give you the super power to stop negative thoughts before they are fully formed
  • The power of starting the day and finishing the day powerfully
  • Phil’s +1 technique of morning rituals- this is awesome! The key to building positive momentum in your day.
  • Phil’s take on how we can make maximum impact on the world!

Power Quotes:

  • “The quality of your life is a function of the quality of your days.. so let’s make it count!”
  • “I perform well when I’m having fun… so let’s have more fun”
  • “I create my best work when I’m in a state of flow”
  • “I see meditation as training for my mind: I take it seriously”
  • “I start my day saying: “Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
  • “You are the average of the 5 people you spend most time with” -Jim Rohn

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