TFPP 026: Josh Rice- How to induce flow, optimise creativity and generate millions of Youtube hits

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I stumbled across Josh by accident.

I was looking for people in the flow and neuroscience space on Linkedin and noticed on his profile he said:  “I have a passion for Physics, Neuroscience, hacking flow states, inventions, and The Future, so if you or your company are interested in discussing any of these subjects, email me!”

So I did.. and I’m so glad I did, as Josh is an incredible example of a self-directed learner, who has taken action to build awareness of his mind and behaviour, so that he can optimise his creativity and overall performance.

If you want to become more creative, and find out more about your human potential, DO NOT miss this episode. Josh Rice is one fascinating dude.

With more than 220,000 YouTube subscribers and over 20 million total views he is one of the top musical talents in the “underground” YouTube music world.

But he doesn’t even do that anymore. Now he works with a team of animators to create unique 3D Animated stories and songs, all based on Minecraft (a popular computer game) parodies.
He runs a youtube channel called Mineworks Animations which has received around 200 million views in the last two years.
He has learned a lot about the internet audience organism, and how/why certain content goes viral, and some doesn’t.

Flow and Creativity notes

In this 1 hour 20 minute interview, we cover:
  • Why some videos go viral and some don’t
  • How Josh came to be such a great learner
  • Altered states of consciousness through ayahuasca (my experience) and meditation
  • Binaural beats, brainwave entrainment and Tibetan monks
  • Rappers achieving temporary loss of ego through transient hypofrontality (flow states)
  • Using Isochronic tones, to deliberately achieve certain brain states
  • How lighting, colours and smells can all create different states of mind
  • What have you learned about flow?
  • How the internet will revolutionise learning and the education system

Useful flow/ creativity Links

Mineworks Animation channel

Brain wave Studio– for isochronic tones for getting into different zone

Mind Wave 2 : Isochronic Version by Jakub Koter

The most popular Mineworks video, viewed over 20 million times. Crazy!

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