“Breathing- it’s  a hard sell”, points out Col Clayton, the founder of 8 Fold Health.

Yeah we all breathe… but we don’t all breathe equally, or properly.

Col is a man passionate about optimising our health, and going right back to the fundamental foundation of our life- which is breathing. You can go 3 weeks without food. 3 days without water. Try 3 minutes without breathing.

Breath is the thin veil between life and death and it is also a focal point of many ancient spiritual paths.

So why don’t we revere it? Why don’t we teach our kids how to do it right? Why don’t we train ourselves to do it right? Why are we not all going to breath workshops to get better at it, instead of going to the gym and learning how to pick up a metal loaded bar over and over?

Obviously, its because we all think we can do it well enough. Well, you can do more.  Proper breathing is about as foundational for health and performance as it gets. It is kind of crazy how much money and attention goes into peak performance enhancers, drinks, pills, equipment etc etc… when a few minutes a day of conscious breath work could optimise our performance more than anything.

There are those who spend their entire lives refining their breathing.  Breath is the gateway to next level performance.  (Reminder, soon I will be interviewing Wim Hof, perhaps the greatest living example of the power of breath- he can control his immune system).

In this podcast, Col Clayton and I cover some of these topics and more. Col has a unique skill set that combines real-world clinical experience in corporate health and the fitness industry. A didgeridoo player, surfer and father, he is building his own unique coaching practice, providing services for children and adults as well as elite athletes and health professionals.

Col holds a Masters degree in Clinical Rehabilitation, post-graduate qualifications in Health Promotion and and has more than 15 years of experience in corrective exercise, rehabilitation, injury prevention  and health promotion.

This episode is a cracker! Stick around to the end as a I give an actual breath-work practice you can work on today.


What you will learn:

-How you habits are effecting your breathing bio-mechanics

-Why you might be breathing wrong

-How stress effects your breathing

-An overview of Holotropic breath work

-Breathing and altered states of consciousness

-How we can use breath techniques as part of a visualisation and gratitude practice

-Learn how optimising your breathing is the key to peak performance

-Free-diving- The most powerful experience of my life

Useful links:

-Col’s website- check out some of his videos!


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