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Mason Taylor is one of my inspirations. He is spreading a message of health, but in an entirely different way. I dig it. The drivel pouring out of the mainstream media when it comes to health is leading to greater dis-connect with ourselves and each other.  It perpetuates the damaging illusion that our health and happiness can be sourced by external means.

Mason is playing an important role for humanity in creating a new vision for health, one that requires us to gain sovereignty of our minds and bodies. I support him whole-heartedly.

Just like my message on flow states, Mason talks about awakening our innate awareness, so we connect with what is already within us. We can therefore cease the endless search for health, comfort, gratification, chiselled abs, a rock hard ass, validation from others and all the other externally derived sources of so called happiness and health… and begin the journey of seeing health as a re-connection with our intuition, our guiding voice.

“The way I approach health is very feeling based”, he begins. “We all want energy & vitality, but where does that come from, where is that perception coming from, what is that want, what is that desire?”

Mason argues persuasively how this energy and vitality is already within us. “Allow these elements to be the fertilizer to what is already within you.”

Join Mason and a wonderful group on a Health Activation Retreat

Please listen into this podcast to understand a way of looking at health and optimal performance that you do not hear in the mainstream. When this message is understood and spread, we walk towards a world of greater connection, awareness and well-being.



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