Jay Standish is the co-founder of OpenDoor.io, an organisation that is creating collaborative, shared living spaces in the San Francisco Bay area. If you have ever thought how fun and rewarding it would be to live in community, be part of a tribe, enjoy the benefits of village-like life, then listen in for inspiration and practical tips on how to set up your own community!

I have always been fascinated by how community relates to human potential. Human’s living with a village vibe just makes sense on every level.

I remember watching a documentary called Happy   which traced how humans find happiness in different cultures. My key takeaway was that community equated to shared experiences and the relief of burdens that can be overwhelming when faced in isolation. Those living in communities with support networks (emotional as well as practical, like childcare, shared cooking), experienced greater wellbeing and happiness.

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When it comes to living a life that flows, the equation is simple: remove what obstacles there are to flow. These obstacles are the burdens we face in life, like juggling the need to work, with the need to have child-care. Or balancing out how we can live in a sustainable and responsible way, with the need to go to supermarkets to get food supply. It comes down to time and space. How much space do we have in our lives and in our minds to live authentically? How much time do we have to invest in living the way we really want to live?

Co-living- it really could be the answer. I’m feeling pretty excited about the idea. As long as I get “Jiro-time” regularly, I can not see any reason why living with people and sharing life responsibilities and experiences can be anything less than optimal living.

What do you think?

Co-living wisdom bombs that are dropped

  • How to deal with the “home economics”, the day to day stuff, like cleaning
  • The recent invention of the nuclear family and isolated living
  • The spiritual, psychological, emotional benefits of shared living (economical also)
  • How to get started created a co-living space

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