TFPP 033: Justin Alexander- Nomad, adventurer, Ninja

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(Update: In late 2016 Justin Alexander went missing while adventuring alone in remote India. He is presumed dead. Click here to read the page set up by his family)

“I’m a nomad, adventurer, and ninja of sorts. Everything I own fits in one bag. The world is my home and this is my story.” Justin Alexander

This is how the humble Justin Alexander introduces himself on Instagram. Others have called him “the most interesting man on instagram”.

His feed features images of him climbing trees, preparing fires by friction, the road-ill rabbit that will be his dinner, his loyal motorbike, his only possession that does not fit into a small backpack…. and heaps of stunning, raw natural landscapes. The world is his home, and that is his story.

I have been lining up this interview with Justin for months. I stumbled across this article he wrote about “retiring” at age 32. He captured my attention immediately. I found his blog and read every article. To a certain degree I sensed a kindred spirit when I read of his “success” in the business world and being surrounded by wealth and excess, and his conscious choice to walk another path, one that included travel far off the beaten path and living with indigenous tribes.

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He wrote of choosing between some $10k watch and a $20k watch, and the cycle of ever growing wants and needs that fuels so much of our society. But ultimately he turned away from a life spent in the accumulation of wealth and status and took to nature and travel to satisfy his curiosity and get clear on some of the big questions of life.

I was so keen to connect with him, and when I did he was even more interesting and unique than I thought he would be. In this podcast we free-flow and cover such diverse topics as his early identity as a teenager, how he drew inspiration from mythical heroes, and still does, the culture of Japan, ayahuasca and time travel.

Justin gives us an awesome perspective on adventure and travel, that often includes sleeping under the stars, spending weeks or months at a time living simply among local cultures.

I have great admiration for the way he travels and for his humility and independence. I know he is going to be getting a whole lot more attention in the future so I’m curious to see how he continues to walk this path of authenticity. If you want to hear the story of a man who has CHOSEN a different path, one of freedom and exploration, you want to listen to this!

Click here to read Justin’s latest article. 





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