“I felt the pressure and tension of being pulled back and pulled back… and through a series of events I was able to slingshot out of the shackles of employment and debt”.

– James Schramko

You want to be free. Not just free to go surfing or pop to Hawaii. You want a lifestyle, habits and mind-set that allows you to feel free from debt, commuting and exchanging your time for money.

And you have ideas. Lots of them. Some of them are terrible, no doubt. Some are not bad…  some, are probably amazing.

If this is the case, I’m assuming you are your own boss or you have thought long and hard about becoming your own boss. But it isn’t always as easy as it sounds.

What percentage of the people who read Tim Ferris’s 4 Hour Work Week actually did a god-damn thing to create this fabled and fantastical week of 4 hours of work? Less than 1 is my guess.

Quitting the 9 til 5, and kissing the security of a monthly pay check is not as simple as giving your boss the finger, packing up your desk and launching the startup. Mortgages, kids, debt… not to mention fear, are all real binds to breaking out of employment and launching into the entrepreneur’s journey.


On this wisdom-packed episode, James Schramko, the internet marketing guru, business coach and founder of SuperFastBusiness.com  talks us through how he escaped his shackles, what freedom really means, and how he chooses to set up his life.

James spent years working for someone else. “I was driving a desk for a good many years in a pressure cooker environment.” Over a period of 2 years he set the foundations for launching into his entrepreneur journey

Learn the practical steps of creating a life of freedom. Learn how to make the jump to setting up a business, how to come up with a solid business idea and “crafting an idea that converts” into revenue.

James’ closing reminder: “It really is possible, it may not be easy, there are ways to do it and there is support out there.”


What you will learn from James Schramko

-How to deal with the prison of feeling like you have no choice

-How to use routine to be more free

-How to become a master and not just a plodder

-How to set a “trigger point” to leave employment and make the leap

-How to deal with the fear of quitting the job

-How to choose the best business model


-“I want to do more of what I like.”

-“Routine sets you free.”

-“The one thing worth mastering is learning how to change”

-Being busy is very different from doing work”

-“I’ve almost build myself a self-driving car”


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