“Failure is not even a part of my vocabulary”.

On the 38th episode of the Flowstate Performance Podcast, I talk with Danny Flood, surfer, author of 6 books, founder of www.openworldmag.com, and digital nomad who spends his life researching and applying alternative routes to peak performance.

Danny’s first book, Buy Your Own Island opened the flood-gates for Danny to write 5 more, each one exploring a specific area of performance he wanted to master, including sleep and his own mind.

I love how Danny uses his natural curiosity and all the tools at our disposal to dig deeper into areas that he senses will optimise his performance and lead to a happier and more productive life.

He intelligently and consciously seeks out challenge and has figured out the most powerful way for him to find flow and deal with fears: “You are most in flow when you are in the ring, going 12 rounds with your opponent. If I’m not challenging myself, I don’t feel satisfied with myself.”

Performance areas you will learn about:

  • The Circadian rhythm and sleep patterns: How to understand your energy as ebbing and flowing to harness your peak creative states
  • Danny’s experimenting with polyphasic sleeping, and how he has “engineered flow state” in different ways
  • How light, pineapple, coconut oil are all parts of Danny’s optimal sleeping plan
  • Danny’s 3-level system to break up types of work to match peak creative states and states of highest will-power
  • The power of visualisation and launching from failure
  • How to re-frame reality and use your past experiences to empower you to greater success in the now and the future



I know you will enjoy this episode. Danny has a great vibe and take on life and I love the way to applies wisdom to his life. If you enjoy this episode, please leave a comment and a review on itunes. And don’t forget to check out Danny’s books and website.

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