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TFPP 039: How to Achieve More Flow, with AJ Mihrzad

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AJ Mihrzad is a flow state fanatic, business coach, an entrepreneur and athlete. I wanted to get him on the show after we started chatting on social media about flow states. He was passionate about them and said he designed his life around flow. BOOM. That’s the kind of guy I want to talk to, and learn from.

AJ shares with us his journey from being a “fat kid with man chipmunk cheeks and man-boobs” to being a coach to personal trainers, and how he navigated that period in his life where he was  raging hard as an extreme partier… to where he is now, sober, best shape of his life, and building a successful business.

AJ’s most powerful hack for flow states: Create yourself a “F#%k YES filter”. Listen in to learn what that means!



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 AJ Mihrzad & Jiro go deep on:

  • How the experience of highs and connection on recreational drugs can have deeper significance and value
  • His breakthrough moment, where he learned about his ego and that he creates his own suffering
  • New addictions
  • The book that made the deepest impact on AJ

Power AJ Mihrzad Quotes

  • “Flow is a state where time and space cease to exist”
  • “It’s gotta be a f#%k yes!”
  • “No amount of money is worth getting out of a flow state for.”

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I'm the founder of Flowstate and the host of FlowTribe. I'm on a mission to live in the flow of life and contribute to this beautiful planet we live on. My work is in helping others achieve sustainable inner growth, and working with CEO's and businesses to optimise meaning, performance and positive impact. Personally, I find my flow through writing, coaching founders, and playing in the oceans, jungles and forests of the world.

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