*Disclaimer: It has recently been reported that Peter Sage has been jailed for 18 months by the High Court  in the UK for contempt of court.

Flowstate has no formal connections with Peter or any of his businesses, and passes no judgement on alleged crimes.

Several other brands who interviewed him have opted to remove interviews with Peter. I have decided to keep the interview up, because regardless of current events, it contains valuable insights. Plus I like him, and feel there are always others sides to the story. Let’s see what emerges before getting reactive.

“Wealth is the perception of abundance. Poverty is nothing more than the perception of scarcity”.

I’m honoured to present this episode of the Flowstate Performance podcast, with Peter Sage. At the start of the interview I asked Peter how he wanted to be introduced.


“I’m a teacher… I’m here to reveal greatness in others.”

“Most people” Peter continued, “go through life as this beautiful shining diamond, layered with dirt and mud and masks.. and finally your Linkedin profile. There is such a lack of authenticity, because people are scared to be real”. (Listen in to find out exactly why this is, and exactly how to change this.)


Peter lived this.  “I left school at 16, started my first business at 17.. and really it was a scream for validation.”

“By the time you make your 1st million you realise I’m still me, I just have more money.  You think you need another million in case you lose the first one… then it was 5 businesses, 8 businesses.  I was on a hamster wheel to nowhere and I was petrified”.

In his late 20s, at 2am, tired after another 16 hour day, he crashed his car into a wall. It was a wake up call. Sat there, realising how close to death he had come, he decided to change his life. Listen in to learn how this change played out.

I came away from this interview feeling absolutely charged with inspiration. And when you listen in, I know you will too.

Peter Sage wisdom you will learn

  • What all of the stressed, suicidal and struggling people {ever has worked with have in common
  • Why rituals “make it real”.
  • The exact ingredients of Peter’s 3 hour morning ritual (this is powerful)
  • Why he meditates before he journals
  • Listen to the best metaphor I have ever heard to describe how we are not our minds, how we are not our ego’s, thoughts or self-identity. (this is GOLD)
  • The true power of gratitude
  • The 2 major sources of societal conditioning and how to change these to re-condition yourself intentionally

Peter Sage Quotes

  • “There are no straight lines in nature”
  • “You can not make a baby in 3 months, nature has it’s own pace”.
  • “There is nothing you can do to effect the speed of the river”.
  • “Wealth is the perception of abundance. Poverty is nothing more than the perception of scarcity”.
  • “You can not feel poverty in gratitude”.
  • “I’ve worked with people worth $700 million who are miserable because they are not a billionaire.”
  • “Power of life and flow will always win over time against the force of you swimming upstream.

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