“The cold is my master. The cold is merciless but righteous. ” :: Wim Hof

It is easy to appreciate Wim Hof as a charismatic and hilarious Dutchman who loves life, climbing up frigid mountains in his shorts, jamming on his guitar and generally being a big kid.

He is all of these things. But Wim Hof could also be the most important and impactful human alive. (To receive these interviews directly to your inbox, as well as a guide to Flow states, click here).

He is best known for his extreme feats of endurance, including record breaking ice submersions, climbing Everest in shorts (and nearly getting to the top), running marathons in the snow with bare feet, among many others.

But behind the media exposure and 22 world records, is a deeply spiritual man on a mission to educate the world that we are far more powerful than we think.


In 1995, Wim’s wife committed suicide, which drove him into a deep and dark personal enquiry of how this could happen. His search took him across religions, psychology, mysticism, yoga, meditation… and eventually to cold water.


Knowing his respect for Eastern traditions of meditation and yoga, I asked him what he learned from masters in the East. “I had no masters. The cold is my master. The cold is merciless but righteous”.

When he first submerged himself in near freezing water, he noticed his thinking mind quieting down immediately, allowing what he felt was an emergence of his intuitive intelligence.

He instinctively knew this was his path. He set about dedicating himself to intense training, and eventually discovered techniques that allow him to control his immune system, core body temperature and autonomic nervous system.

336x280As the first human with this kind of mind-body control to be tested by science, research scientists are queueing up to experiment on him, and he is joyfully stepping up, a man on a mission of empowerment (and love.)

Wim does not do all this to be in the record books. As he tells me in this interview, he could not care less about that.  He is doing this to show we can all do this: That our limitations are only in our minds, and perpetuated by the conditioning of a society that keeps us playing small.

He is showing us how to PLAY BIG,  To step up and live our lives FREE and WILD.

I love Wim. For his service, his passion, his humour, his smurf hat, his charisma and for remaining grounded and hilarious despite his position on earth as the one human, the only human, to offer his body and mind as a sacrifice in the name of uniting science and spirituality once and for all.

What you will learn about Wim Hof

  • His philosophy on life and flow
  • His past life on the hamster wheel
  • The key turning point in his life
  • His personal spiritual beliefs
  • His take on psychedelics and altered states
  • His daily rituals
  • How to use his breathing method for maximum athletic performance
  • His dietary philosophy
  • Where he sees himself in 20 years
  • His Grand mission

Please listen in, enjoy and please share!

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