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TFPP 044: Benny Fergusson- The Movement Monk shares his practice

By May 9, 2016 No Comments

Hello :). In episode 44 of the Flowstate Performance Podcast, the show where we explore alternative paths to living a life of purpose and performance… I’m chatting with Benny Fergusson, The Movement Monk.

As Benny says “teaching health and fitness coaches, martial artists, Yogi’s, injured folks (and everyone with a body) how to get more mind+body unity, energy and confidence (while balancing it with the rest of life) is my cup of tea.”

Listen in to this podcast to learn how Benny recovered from a debilitating back injury what he learned from studying with a Shaolin monk and many other experts, and what he now sees as the path to a optimal life.

If you’ve ever felt there must be something more than what ‘mainstream fitness’ commonly offers, Benny’s work is for you.

Find out more and make sure you grab Benny’s amazing FREE resources at Benny’s website.



Listen to Jiro & Benny chat about:

  • Why a movement practice that leads to deeper physical freedom shouldn’t be like masturbation
  • Principles that helped Benny overcome a debilitating spinal dysfunction
  • Insights into Benny’s current daily movement practice
  • And way more fun stuff …


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