Fuchsia Sims, the co-founder of Adventure Junky was never going to have a boring life.

At the age of 18 she left home for the jungles of Costa Rica to work as a white water river guide for 18 months.

“Through that experience I transcended so many of my own perceived limits, and I got to heal and sit with myself, nature and other people so I could understand the world.”

Fast forward a few years and now Fuchsia and her co-founder Nigel Malone are building Adventure Junky, a travel app that is transforming adventure travel into a unified game experience.

The Adventure Junky Concept & Purpose

The concept is incredible, offering adventurers community, friendly competition and an opportunity to support the best adventure travel operators around the world.

With a genuinely passionate drive to protect the people and places on which the adventure travel industry relies, Adventure Junky is a business charged with authentic purpose.

They are value driven, and conscious of the unique power that adventure travel has to affect the natural world.

Conscious Life Design

Fuchsia’s life is hectic right now. But it is also a life of conscious design that involves a load of adventuring and inspiration, while overseeing the complex process of launching a tech startup. Although the hours can be brutal, it doesn’t look like work to me.

And if its not work, its play.

For this interview Fuchsia popped over to Flowstate HQ in Manly, fresh back from a business/adventure trip to Sweden and Iceland.

Click the player above or the links below, to listen in and get some inspiration on how to set up a life in flow.

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